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Modern pavilion gathers artists in downtown Dubai

Pavilion Downtown Dubai

The modern one pavilion is a product of modern architecture and is located in downtown Dubai. The project was designed and implemented by Mohsin Jawaheri’s designer studio, and offers a space for discussions and meetings between national and international artists.

Modern pavilion with wooden furniture

Hall artists association interior

Of the pavilion is located in a practical place where the different artists can sit down. It is a free zone for everyone who loves art and who wants to be inspired or just want to meet new creative people. All of this has come true thanks to modern architecture.

Multifunctional room distribution in the pavilion

Artists association interior

Of the pavilion provides the artists and visitors with a library, a restaurant, a salon, a coffee bar and a cinema salon so that they can feel comfortable. This multifunctional room distribution is a great achievement and represents only a part of the possibilities that result from this construction method. The spacious open main area is flooded with light. At one end of the room there is a half-open house, behind which the garden lies. Colors, textures – everything looks more exciting and original in view of the green background. The minimalist details can be seen especially in the high ceiling.

Pavilion design combines functionality and aesthetics


The big tables pavilion invite you to a dialogue and contribute to the formation of a community, and help to create a wonderful atmosphere. The furniture is specially designed so that the separate areas can be thematically divided and at the same time create a feeling that the room is larger. The restaurants in the Middle East are traditionally designed to be open and accessible to as many people as possible. They create a specific mood and make the ambience appear dynamic and exciting. Another reason so that visitors can appreciate the designer idea and get back to it pavilion to return.

B. Angelov

Practical library artists association interior


Practical facility-library


Construction plan-modern artists association