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Modern decor ideas from the USA – house in Hollywood


The modern house project was designed and completed in 2011. The main focus in furnishing is comfort, fabulous furniture design and shine. It is an architectural marvel that is located in Hollywood Hills, California, USA. We were delighted by the people who are responsible for the exquisite design scheme. These Establishment ideas from the USA are modern, tasteful and elegant.

Furnishing ideas from the USA – living room with white furniture

Living room-modern-furniture-white-interior-USA

The house is just perfect for a family – the spacious living area is furnished with an elegant semicircular white sofa and a small glass table. The multi-colored brick wall sets accents. The white flooring shines and reflects the light from the crystal chandeliers. The living room connects seamlessly to the kitchen island and dining room, which are also furnished with predominantly white furniture. The color scheme alone is one Establishment idea from the USA, which is suitable for every apartment or house.

Furnishing ideas from the USA – puristic bedroom design

white luxury bedroom black armchair

The bedroom is shiny again. A large white double bed was arranged with a black leather chair and a small animal fur carpet. The small colored accents attract everyone’s attention. The design comes into its own thanks to the glass wall and is also suitable for small rooms, provided that these have large windows and are well lit. The furnishing ideas from the USA are glamorous and yet practical.

Furnishing ideas from the USA – lighting

Pendant lamp-staircase furnishings-USA

Creative chandeliers go well with the minimalist interior – such as the crystal chandelier above the dining table or the pendant lights above the stairwell. Subtle lighting in the bathroom by the halogen lights creates a cozy atmosphere. The pool also comes into its own in the outdoor area thanks to specially built-in lighting.

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Crystal chandelier in the dining room


Living room with luxury furniture in white

modern-living room-white-glass-wall

White leather sofa and floor lamp in the living room

Living room-modern-leather sofa-floor lamp-luxury bathtub

Modern white kitchen


Outdoor swimming pool with modern lighting