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minimalistic coastal house in Australia designed by Katon Redgen Mathieson

minimalist interior design bedroom

That Coastal home ‘Bondi Beach House‘ is located in Sydney, Australia. Similar to other beach houses, this minimalist architecture exudes an undisputed charm. Maybe it’s because of the great location near the ocean, but the design looks modern and romantic at the same time. The beach house offers the perfect retreat – you feel like you are on an island, surrounded by the blue water. Pure relaxation!

Modern coastal home in Australia

minimalist beach house swimming pool

minimalist beach house terrace

minimalist-beach-house-modern-living room

The minimalist Coastal home has four floors that include a spacious living area with comfortable bedrooms – one of which has direct access to the courtyard, living room, kitchen, and an outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean. Elegant marble stairs, designed with a lot of imagination and style, lead to the modern kitchen, which is perfectly equipped.

Interior in the seaside house

minimalist interior design bedroom

The minimalist Coastal home is decorated with a rich palette of high quality textures. Natural materials such as marble and American oak increase the feel-good factor in the house. The splendid interior design comes into its own thanks to the neutral palette of colors. The geometric lines let the beach house off Katon Redgen Matison look elegant. The rooms are modern, but at the same time comfortably designed and promise many pleasant hours for the whole family.

 black and white kitchen design

modern black and white kitchen

valuable interior decoration in the bedroom


Marble bathroom with a modern design

modern marble bathroom

modern elegant staircase

minimalist interior stairs


minimalist beach house blueprint