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minimalist office design in Petchburi, Thailand

minimalist office design in Thailand

Baan San Kraam is an extraordinary office with minimalist interior design on the beach. It is a development of commercial buildings facing the sea. They will be in Petchburi, Thailand. The project will be completed by Somdoon Architects. His goal is to create work areas in which people feel connected to nature and, above all, enjoy all the positive aspects of the sea atmosphere. The commercial buildings are modern, stylish and blend in with the natural surroundings. This minimalist office design is very attractive to people who want to do more creative work or just avoid the hectic city life.

Modern design from the showroom

minimalist office design in Thailand - showroom

The wooden deck of this minimalist office designs is also a staircase to the roof terrace where the view of the sea is even more enchanting. The sliding doors are used as protection of the office during the rainy days and when open, they allow an even greater connection with the environment. One of the best things about this one minimalist office design is that it is fully equipped with everything you need. In this way, it offers comfort, tranquility and inspiration.

Work areas in harmony with nature

modern furnishing of showroom

This minimalist office design is not only unique with its architectural solutions and innovations, but also with its concept. It combines work and relaxation and creates a wonderful atmosphere for any type of work. The curved balcony and the abstract shapes make this up minimalist office design chic and exquisite.

minimalist office design by the sea

minimalist office design by the sea

The establishment in this minimalist office design is stylishly beautiful and made from the best materials. The sea, the beautiful landscape, from Sanitas Studio designed, the wind and the wonderful wild nature transform this commercial building into an oasis, in a paradise on earth. It is definitely not something we see every day. This minimalist office design is definitely unusual, but it is the evolution of the workspaces.

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Creative landscape design in front of the business building

minimalist office design in Thailand

 Office Design - Baan San Kraam

   Landscape design idea

The modern office design combines work and relaxation

modern living room design in Thailand

modern white bedroom in Thailand

white dining room design idea

Architectural plans of the project – Modern office design by the sea

plan of modern office design in ThailandPlan - Showroom Baan San KraamShowroom plan

Landscape design: Sanitas Studio

Architects: Somdoon Architects