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minimalist luxury home in Kuala Lumpur

Hijauan House by Twenty Nine Design Architects

exciting house design - white facade

This superb two story home is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaisen, in the middle of large vegetation. The minimalist Luxury home presents the perfect fusion between indoor and outdoor areas. It’s fresh and innovative design. The unique location in the middle of nature inspired the architects from Twenty Nine Design to create their design. The name Hijauan House comes from the Malaysian word Hijau, which means green. As part of the project, the architects decided that Luxury home to be designed in such a way that it does not disturb the vegetation.

Modern minimalist luxury home in Malaisen

modern house - glass facade

The garden, although not large, has been abundantly planted with tropical flowers. A swimming pool is hidden in the back yard between the vegetation. The beautiful surroundings come into their own even in the interior from the minimalist Luxury home. The ground floor has a glass facade so that the living area seamlessly adjoins the courtyard. The minimalist architecture is simple in structure and furnishings – the focus is on simple rectangular shapes.

Luxury house in Kuala Lumpur connects the inside with the outside area

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minimalist modern shiny kitchen

The living area is open plan, lots of light comes through the large window. The white color scheme leaves that Luxury home even look brighter. Wooden flooring in the living room creates an inviting ambience, while elegant black stone flooring in the kitchen and bathroom looks practical and stylish. Selected decorative pieces set colored accents and define shapes and structures. The focus is on the beautiful view, which creates a peaceful and cozy atmosphere in the Luxury home contributes. Excellent textures and decorative elements make the bathroom and kitchen look elegant and attract everyone’s attention. The whole project from the minimalist Luxury home is very well thought out and successful.

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minimalist house design -Kuala Lumpur

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modern design in a minimalist house

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