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Make lampshades yourself – 3 mysterious ideas with silhouettes

lampshades make your own ideas once upon a time

These cute lampshades look pretty simple when turned off, but when you turn them on they reveal their secrets. These magic lamps would be the perfect solution for your boring white lampshade on the bedside table. If you are such mysterious Make lampshades yourself then check out this simple guide.

1. Make lampshades yourself – city silhouette

city ​​silhouette black paper skyscraper

lampshade yourself tinker ideas black paper  Make lampshades yourself idea shadow city silhouette

Cut a city silhouette out of black paper and glue the cutouts on the inside of the lampshade. Let them overlap a bit. The shadow will appear when you turn on the lamp. Use spray glue for a clean effect. You can also use iron-on transfers if you have not yet covered the lampshade with jute.

2. Make lampshades yourself – “Once upon a time …”

lampshades yourself make ideas silhouette fairy tale reading lamp

once upon time writing lampshade sticking

lampshade imprint silhouette idea spray adhesive

Everyone loves fairy tales and often dreams of them in the evenings. Bring the magic into your bedroom by making this mysterious lampshade yourself. The technology is the same as in the city of Silhouette. The lampshade is still pretty nondescript when the light is off, but when you turn it on … wow! Magical!

3. A jute lampshade hides a secret

lampshade make ideas jute vintage picture frames outside

lampshade tinker yourself ideas small key secret

make lampshade yourself key silhouettes picture frame

The idea here is to paint a vintage picture frame on the outside of the lampshade and a small picture on the inside. The ornate frame is always visible, while the small key only appears in the evening. Cool isn’t it?

     iron-on transfers vintage frame jute ironing lampshade lampshades craft ideas jute vintage picture frames decorate

tinker lampshades yourself hide ideas silhouettes

The shadow of Peter Pan

tinker lampshade yourself decorate peter pan

Fairy Tinkerbell

Make lampshades yourself ideas fairy tinkerbell

black cat – idea for Halloween

Make lampshades yourself cat silhouette halloween idea decoration

Butterflies silhouettes on the lampshadelampshades ideas tinker butterflies silhouettes