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Luxurious and modern beach house in Sweden

modern seaside house facade glass wall

The luxurious and modern Beach house in Sweden was specially designed so that the beautiful ocean views can be fully appreciated. The facade looks plain and not particularly impressive. A typical minimalist structure made of metal and concrete, with large windows and open terraces. In doing so, the architects attempted to seamlessly connect the interior to the exterior. The result can be seen as soon as you walk in. The beach house in Sweden has an excellent view to offer.

Luxury and minimalist interior under one roof – one Beach house in Sweden

 modern beach house with white sofa

The open living room offers breathtaking views. The interior design is in harmony with the beautiful surroundings. Sunlight comes in abundantly through the glass facade in this luxurious one Beach house in Sweden. Different cozy and modern sitting areas are designed in the living area. The living room is thematically divided by the furniture. Large, exotic plants in front of the windows bring nature closer and connect the interior with the exterior. Large, spherical chandeliers illuminate the spacious living room and contrast with the dramatic panorama in the background. An absolutely fabulous and imaginative idea.

Modern Beach house in Sweden with a dream view

modern spherical chandelier in the living room

The focus is obviously on the glass walls, but the stone and wood supporting structure adds tension to the design. The cozy furniture in Beach house in Sweden impress with their timeless elegance and style. The house may look rather simple from the outside, but the interior is definitely very luxurious and comfortably furnished so that the owners feel comfortable and can really enjoy the nature around them.

by Jaz

elegant living area in the beach house

Elegant modern Est table in the living area

elegant interior design - kitchen

Stylish built-in kitchen in the coastal house

modern lighting in the living room

modern lighting in the elegant beach house

elegant white bathroom

stylish white bathroom with modern bathtub

modern orange sofa with colored cushions

modern, colored furniture in the living room with elegant carpet

modern elegant seaside home - blueprint

elegant coastal home – blueprint

modern stylish coastal home - blueprint