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Cool modern Swiss mountain hut

modern hut in switzerland -front

Take a look at this modern throwback to a traditional one Swiss mountain hut. TecARCHITECTURE who realized this project are located in Switzerland and Los Angeles. The holiday apartment with its modern rustic architectural design somehow manages to retain the beauty of the traditional Swiss mountain hut and at the same time be very modern. A house like this was never seen before. The architect’s originality exceeded all expectations.

Side entrance from the house

modern hut in switzerland - rear

Modern Swiss mountain hut like this is really something new and extraordinary. In fact, you can see that the architect played with a ton of rules to create something so beautiful and unique. The idea of ​​installing a glass hut in a conventional roof line is priceless. It’s very simple and yet very creative. This amazing house can provoke love at first sight. It touches the heart in a unique way. With its traditional but very modern exterior, it is one of the best architectural ideas of the year. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the design, it’s actually quite difficult to achieve such architectural beauty. For those who like the modern rustic style like this one modern Swiss mountain hut prefer, a dream has come true.

Gorgeous white bedrooms

modern cabin in switzerland bedroom

Not just the design, everything in this house is modern. It is made with the most modern materials. The house is furnished with the latest stylish furniture that is completely compatible with the design of the house. You can see that everything is held together in perfect harmony. Not many homes can boast such style and luxury. Each room has beautiful wooden floors, beautiful luxurious furniture and is of course also pampered by the sun. Each terrace is expansive and easy to set up. These modern  Swiss mountain hut looks like it caters to all tastes.

modern hut in switzerland pool

modern hut in switzerland garden

modern hut in switzerland - view

modern hut in switzerland - bird's eye view

modern hut in switzerland -fern

modern hut in switzerland -front view

modern cabin in switzerland bathroom

modern hut in switzerland dining room

modern hut in switzerland kitchen