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20 modern Christmas decoration ideas for a happy mood

christmas decoration ideas wreath original pipes gold birds christmas bells

They are looking for Christmas decoration ideas, that add festivity to your interior? Let yourself be inspired – and create a modern decoration with self-made ornaments!

Modern Christmas decoration ideas to make yourself

christmas decoration ideas pillow red white heart reindeer horse modern

These modern ones Christmas decoration ideas can easily be copied. Do you have any Christmas balls left over from last year? You can make a door wreath out of it. Simply hang the ball on a wire. Have you painted a wall in the nursery with blackboard paint? Draw a Christmas tree on it and glue small paper ornaments on it. The hanging Christmas tree made of tree balls looks super creative. In fact, the design is very do-it-yourself. Just buy clear silicone thread. Cut the thread into pieces of different lengths and tie them to the chandelier. Hang the tree ball on the other end – done! The hanging Christmas tree looks stylish and is very cheap. You will also save on cleaning after disposing of the Christmas tree.

Stylish Christmas decoration ideas in strong colors

christmas decoration ideas roses red wreath christmas trees chest of drawers

The modern ones Christmas decoration ideas present various creative color combinations – colors such as dark blue, light green, red and orange are skillfully combined with white and silver. Colorful decorations are sure to refresh the purist interior, while simple monochrome ornaments will compliment the eclectic interior. Colorful lightbulbs, artificial snow and stylish minimalist Christmas trees made of paper set accents. You can also decorate the mantelpiece so that the decoration looks uniform. Make tree decorations out of paper – for example, fold origami stars and use them to decorate the wall in the living room, the children’s room and the dining room.

Wood wreath idea for Christmas

christmas decoration ideas wood wreath christmas baubles wall decoration

Elegant, white Christmas tree as an idea for decoration

christmas decoration ideas white christmas tree silver jewelry elegant

Christmas decorations in bright colors

Ideas eclectic mix of colors Baumkugel colorful

White Christmas tree with original tree decorations

Artificial tree tree decorations nice idea modern

Fold the tree decorations out of paper – golden ornaments contrast with the blue wall

Paper garland golden paper ornaments wall color dark blue

Modern Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration golden garland pom poms

Make a Christmas tree out of green tree balls

Craft ideas Christmas modern stylish minimalist

Make artificial snow garland yourself and decorate the fireplace

stylish decoration in white fireplace hanging up white Christmas tree

Rustic and modern at the same time – simple color scheme and stylish decoration

Christmas decorations, pillows, motifs, Christmas boots, Christmas trees

Christmas tree decorated with paper ornaments as wallpaper

Wallpaper festively decorate paper ornaments

Christmas tree made of wire and paper decorates the wall in the living room

Christmas decoration wall Christmas tree wire make white paper birds

Golden candles and stars over the fireplace

Christmas decoration ideas decorate the mantelpiece festively

Artificial tree with pink tree decorations

pink jewelry modern Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas decoration minimalist modern stainless steel Christmas trees

homemade cool idea Christmas decoration

white christmas tree branch paper ornaments

Wall wreath lightbulbs multicolored metal mantelpiece

Adhesive tape cool idea decoration black chalkboard paint