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Light and shadow define futuristic house architecture by Pencil Office Architecture from Singapore

futuristic stereoscopic house

Shadows and light give the house its definitive character. Everywhere you go futuristic house architecture observed, one tries to manipulate light in such a way as to create fascinating shadows and textures.

The remarkable “Stereoscopic House” was made by Pencil Office Architecture Developed as a weekend home and holiday retreat. Aside from that, its fabulous design was very much on the futuristic House architecture focused by integrating the latest energy saving and recycling systems. The house is located in Sentosa Island, Singapore. This is an area deliberately created for recreational activities. The house is between the ocean and a convenient golf course.

Remarkable “Stereoscopic House”

remarkable stereoscopic home of office

The luxurious home has elements of the futuristic house architecture encapsulated to give every conceivable comfort to the owners. It is spacious, bright and has all labor saving amenities built in for the comfort of the residents. Because of this, it was important that renewable energy technologies were installed to reduce the impact on the natural environment and, of course, make the home more economical.

The structure of the futuristic house architecture dramatically closes a large overhang of the upper floor.

View from afar in the night

Stereoscopic House by Pencil - Lighting

Artistic strategies were implemented to unite indoor and outdoor areas. The basic futuristic house architecture is composed of a series of asymmetrical geometric volumes. The resulting composition is sculptural and exciting. Every imaginable material has been pierced with patterns and slats to allow natural light to flood into the structure of the futuristic house architecture. The resulting shadows create natural and dynamic forms of ornamentation. Instead of being imposing, that seems “Stereoscopic House”  light, airy and decorative in its immediate surroundings.

the futuristic house architecture has been styled to ease the occupants and to maximize the experience of such a fine coastal home. The ocean is just a breath away and its magnificent views can be fully enjoyed through expansive glass walls.

by Jaz

Stereoscopic house by Pencil Office - light and wood

Stereoscopic House from Pencil Office Roof

Stereoscopic house from Pencil Office terrace

futuristic stereoscopic house by Pencil -holzdesign

Stereoscopic house by Pencil Office interior design

Stereoscopic house from Pencil Office view

Pencil stereoscopic house - futuristic roof

futuristic architectural design -light and shadow

futuristic stereoscopic house architecture plan futuristic stereoscopic house of pencil dimensions Scheme from the futuristic stereoscopic house Dimensions of the futuristic stereoscopic house

Plan from the futuristic stereoscopic house

futuristic stereoscopic house from Pencil house architecture plan

futuristic house by Pencilplan

Model from above of the Stereoscopic House of Pencil Facade of the Stereoscopic House by Pencil Model of the Stereoscopic House by Pencil Office