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French flair influences elegant interior design

Villa M – by Brian Dillard Architektur from Austin, USA

 Modern architecture house in the USA

The elegant Interior design from Villa M stands in contrast to the ultra modern architecture. The fabulous home was designed by Brian Dillard Architecture and is located in Austin, Texas. The homeowner is French so the interior is in keeping with its cultural heritage. The emphasis is on the combination of ornamented antique furniture and geometric interior design.

Elegant interior design scheme – mixture of ancient and modern

modern house design - open Schiwmmbad

This home perfectly demonstrates how modern architecture provides the ideal backdrop for ornamented and antique furniture. The elegant Interior design benefits from the angular shapes of the interior. It is a modern art gallery that is visually impressive due to its simple structure. The interior design scheme was designed so that the furniture can come into its own.

The mixture of ancient and modern impresses with the decorative elements, bright colors and exciting patterns. The modern architecture has been combined with traditional materials such as oak, pebbles and terrazzo tiles. The antique furniture collection looks luxurious and inviting. Murano glass, chandeliers and paintings make the interior design look timeless and exciting.

Elegant interior design – connected to the garden

Leather sofa in the living area

The French are world famous for their garden design. Think of the incredible Versailles Gardens. In this modern garden design, the garden area was combined with the pool area. Glass sliding doors connect indoor and outdoor areas in the summer months. The combination of geometric shapes and the soft organic shapes of the plants reflects this Interior design Scheme of Brian Dillard.

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elegant interior in mansion in Texas

modern minimalist stairs and antique furniture

Luxury home in the USA

elegant wardrobe with wooden table

modern interior design wardrobe

modern elegant kitchen – red cupboard

elegant kitchen - red cupboard

modern courtyard house in Texas

Courtyard house in the USA

modern swimming pool in back yard

modern outdoor swimming pool

elegant, bright bathroom design

modern bathroom