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Comfortable wooden furniture – elegant interior design idea

modern wooden furniture interior

Surrounded by tropical vegetation, this fabulous writer’s studio is located in a hilly area. It’s the perfect getaway that a creative person needs. The interior is based on a stylish idea – comfortable wooden furniture give the room a cozy atmosphere. The house celebrates the tradition and the use of wood both outside and inside.

Comfortable wooden furniture in the writer’s studio


Comfortable wooden furniture in a warm natural color were chosen for the interior of the house. The house construction is strictly rectangular and still looks inviting. A number of interesting terraces offer ample views of the surroundings, while the beautiful wild area mitigates the modern minimalist construction.

Comfortable wooden furniture for a cozy atmosphere at home

Wood panels-living room-modern-interior decoration

The minimalist interior design can be clearly felt in the interior, and yet the focus is on the comfortable wooden furniture. The furniture visually connects the interior with the outside area. Whether bed, storage space or cabinet – everything is made of wood and this creates a uniform theme in the interior design. At the same time, wood as a material has a calming effect and you can really relax.

House on the hillside – spectacular views and modern interior

House slope modern architecture

Thanks to the beautiful location of the house, there are wonderful views in front of the eye. Inspiration can be found in the middle of nature, and the writer should also feel comfortable here – concrete and metal on the facade give the building a massive look, but comfortable wooden furniture create a relaxed atmosphere in the interior. While the house is decided in the neutral color scheme, some bold colors like orange add interesting accents in the bathroom. An outdoor swimming pool promises many pleasant hours with family and friends.

This comfy home of the Bertram Architects offers a modern refuge where the writer can relax from the hectic everyday life in the city and find new ideas.

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Comfortable wooden furniture in the bedroom

comfortable wooden furniture bedroom

Wood sink in the bathroom

Wood sink bathroom

Modern low coffee table

modern-lower-coffee-table-living room

Large dining room wooden table

large dining room wooden table

Outdoor pool

Swimming pool outdoors forest house

Modern minimalist facade