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The modern town house by Carl Turner Architects


The modern town house is designed in such a way as to answer many requests that were made by the owners. Their views for the place have been fulfilled so that they would like to live there.

The modern town house in Great Britain

The-modern-town-house-Great Britain

Architects Carl Turner Architects met owners’ needs for a flexible home that would be sustainable and with plenty of accommodation options. The connection between the building and the outside space is of great importance. Lighting is an essential factor associated with the property. The construction of the townhouse is rectangular and made of concrete. It has a street view. The ideas arose in the course of the collaboration between the architects and the owner. The small area defines a four-story house, so each floor has a different function. The upper floor of the house has some innovative design choices, such as a rooftop garden and the entrance to the back yard. The house is oriented towards the street, while the glass construction lets light into the rooms. The construction is carried out in such a way that there is a possibility for two more floors in the future. There is also an elevator shaft. The area on which the modern town house is built in the middle of the urban environment. It was a design challenge because the boundaries of the neighboring houses are narrow.

The modern town house made of concrete and wood


The modern town house features open concrete walls, polished concrete floors and hard-working coverings that dominate the configuration of the interior design. The facade is glazed to let in the light. The large bespoke doors are made of walnut with the idea of ​​giving it a special touch, as walnut is a soft, warm material. The range of materials helps to combine internal and external configurations into one basic idea. The third floor gives access to the roof terrace.

Kitchen design


The main technical achievement is to build a modern townhouse that will answer all the views of the owners of this small site in the outskirts of the city. Artificial lighting is also challenging and requires careful coordination. The pendant lights are selected and placed in a pattern so that the softness of the wood is emphasized. Wood is the basic interior material. That modern town house shows the possibilities of building a house on a small site.

B. Angelov

Floor-to-ceiling windows


Wood cladding



The-modern-town-house-Carl-Turner-Architects-stairs-concrete-walls Das-Moderne-Stadthaus-Carl-Turner-Architects-plan