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Private domicile with male accents from at26

Window front-wooden floor-dining table-curtains

Man’s Choice 2 is a private domicile, which is located in the Slovak Piestany. The three architects from at26 have designed a modern apartment with set masculine accents. Completed this year, we immerse ourselves in a meter-long, soft upholstered sofa and enjoy bright, spacious rooms. Luxurious but also comfortably furnished, with specific corners for eating, relaxing, drinks at the counter and sharing moments with friends.

Private domicile- retro style meets modernity

wall cladding made of wood living room

A private domicile in which we find a lot of retro accents that collide with the wave of modernity. Wall cladding made of wood, white wooden doors, lacquered and simply polished and a lowered ceiling made of plastered plaster, which stylishly envelops the living room like frames with lighting. Retro decoration like a covered record player, metal figure of Capricorn and the classic curtains round off the retro profile. The heart of the living room beats through the huge sofa bed made of soft velvet materials. Colorful pillows in selected colors, coordinated with the rest of the decoration, bring cozy feelings to the living scene.

Private domicile with inserted male accents

Dekotisch-Sideboard-Raumteie-Holzwand-Tile covering

Gold-, copper- and silver-colored statues and figures with male accents and contours, a woman without clothing on canvas, all of this speaks for one private domicile designed and furnished by men for men. The dominant colors are black, white, gray and white, wood and tiles cover the floor, walls are usually not used, as room dividers made of dark wood take on this role.


Shower and washing-up area with glass cubicle

Symmetrical 3D wall and floor tiles as well as brick walls in black determine the interior of the modern apartment.


Black frame four-poster bed with shelving on the side of the headboard


Side lighting on brick wall


Sideboard table made of dark wood

Workroom-wardrobe-with-bench-made of leather

Retro swivel chair, modern curtains made of fine fringes

futuristic-lines-bar stool-kitchen island-serving table-made-of-solid-wood-dark


U-shape upholstered sofa-velvet-quilted-in-royal blue

LED television wallcovering turntable


Copper color-statue-decoration-entrance-living room-kitchen


Washbasin-toilet-with-wall-mirror-wood look