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Modern furnishing ideas from Brazil – the GT house

House Brazil Graffiti

Surprising accents, trendy accessories and modern furnishing ideas are combined in the interior of this small one-story house. The young architect from Brazil Guilherme Torres is known to many modern furnishing ideas, has chosen a small apartment in Londrina, Brazil. The house was bought by a painter who wanted to use it as his studio and was renovated and redecorated by the architect for over 10 years. Perhaps interesting is the fact how he came up with this fresh idea – the old water and electricity wiring should be repaired and cracks on the walls urgently needed. As a result of these problems, the designer decided to create a stable, sustainable interior. So he cast a table out of concrete.

Modern interior design ideas – painter studio in Brazil

Concrete wall sofa living room

Modern furnishing ideas means above all creative and non-traditional designs. The concrete table is not only interesting, but also practical – you can collect books and records, but also use it as an office table or even a dining table. A long sofa, also cast in concrete, extends throughout the room and has two black cushions upholstered in fabric with interesting decorations. The narrow kitchen is only 1.40m wide and 3m long. The flooring is also made of concrete, but was covered with a special rubber fabric to prevent oil stains. The walls were designed like an Arabic mosaic.

Modern furnishing ideas for the bedroom

red bedside table modern decor

Modern furnishing ideas for the bedroom Guilherme Torres many and you can admire its eclectic design – there is a warm atmosphere in the room, where avant-garde and innovative room design is redefined. Interesting accents are the pipes that can be seen in the guest room. The whole look is very The decor turned out to be cheap besides trendy – the whole renovation cost less than $ 6,000.

Living room furnishing idea


Pipes in the living room


modern furnishing ideas living room

Office furnishing idea with eclectic furniture


Concrete furniture

eclectic design interior ideas

Concrete-poured desk

Modern decoration ideas

modern decoration ideas

Funny wall design

funny wall design room

Bookshelf in the guest room

Guest room arrangement idea

Books shelves furnishing ideas

Narrow kitchen


Modern house – blueprint

modern house blueprint