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Modern architecture with history – the Polyforum Siqueiros galleries

Renovated by Bunker Arquitectura in Mexico

modern art gallery reception

The world famous galleries Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros in Mexico are not only known for their exhibitions of modern works of art, they are also known for their modern architecture popular. A creation by mural painter David Alfaro Siqueiros, the Polyform Cultural Siqueiros was built in 1967 and was originally intended to serve as a gallery for his works and the works of Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozo. This incredible design combines social, cultural and political aspects. It was supposed to imitate the shape of a diamond, nowadays it has become a sculpture itself. Among other things, it is the largest gallery in the world.

Modern architecture combines art and design


The interiors represent an excellent example of modern architecture and have not been renovated since 1972. When the interior designer at Bunker Arquitectura were hired to do the job, they took on a great deal of responsibility. You have set yourself the goal of not changing the structure, but simply modernizing it – new colors and textures on the walls add excitement, and some interiors connect the different rooms. The dark blue flooring has been replaced by a glossy epoxy surface. Instead of the outdated wall cladding, the walls were painted white, the ceilings were also kept simple. A transparent glass wall had distracted the attention of the visitors too much, so an opaque white wall was built in its place. All the wooden details in the interior have been renovated without any major changes.

Example of modern architecture – the Polyform Siqueiros Galleries

modern art gallery mexico

modern design stairs art gallery

The only addition to the interior was the elliptical reception desk. The architects of Arquitectura bunker explain how this detail the modern architecture makes it look fresher – ‘… the dynamic that arises between the circular galleries invites visitors to visit other exhibition rooms. It’s also a peculiar recognition of the aggressive and energetic brushstrokes that are characteristic of Siqueiros.

By making some thoughtful small changes in the original design and creative modifications it is a unique one modern architecture developed. The interior looks fresh and new and the Polyform Siqueiros Galleries are ready to host more modern art exhibitions.

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modern art gallery in Mexico


minimalist interior

minimalist interior design

elegant interior with spiral staircase


modern minimalist art gallery


modern minimalist architecture from Mexico


elegant wooden staircase


Wooden elements as decoration


modern architectural blueprint

modern minimalist architecture blueprint