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Dynamic modern architecture in rural Sicily

dynamic minimalist architecture - house in ItalyVilla T from Architrend architects’ office

Dramatic modern architecture ‘awakens‘ the local country houses from rural Sicily. The green meadows are characteristic of this area – a perfect prerequisite for demonstrating this modern, dynamic building. The striking rectangular house seamlessly connects to the flat land – an excellent example of the connection between the modern architecture and nature.

Modern architecture – house in Sicily

minimalist house in Italy - front

As part of the movement to renovate the disused farmland, the modern architecture is transforming the appearance of the Ragusa region in Sicily. This breathtaking project by Architrend remains true to local history and integrates elements from the traditional Mediterranean architectural style, such as white gypsum walls, a dynamic pitched roof or a residential complex with a courtyard. Originally, this area was full of thick-walled, isolated farms.

Interior design – modern architecture

minimalist decor in the living room

Isolation can also be viewed positively because it guarantees more privacy. In any case, there is a risk of feeling cut off from the world. The modern architecture this bright and spacious home helps to remove the feeling of being alone.

The technical basis for the modern architecture is the use of reinforced concrete as a building material, which facilitated the installation of the floor-to-ceiling window front. On the one hand, these great windows protect against unfriendly weather and provide security, on the other hand, the residents can enjoy the surroundings to the maximum. The house opens up to the world, although at the same time it separates itself from other buildings.

modern interior – house in Italy

minimalistic and modern house design - red armchair

Or as the architects themselves explain: ‘Not an introverted house, but a way to fully enjoy the surroundings by creating open spaces – rooms without walls, which are an important part of the overall design.‘

This sentimentality reflects today’s ideologies for functionality of modern architecture  contrary. Most people want to keep their privacy but at the same time not feel completely isolated from the outside world.

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innovative construction - a minimalist house in Sicily

minimalist furnishings in the living area