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Converted barn – a house with a modern interior design

Ocher Barn by Carl TurnerArchitects

Ocher Barn Carl Turner Architects

the modern architecture makes great demands. First, home comfort is very important. The elegance and innovation of the choices in the design scheme are not neglected either. The architects at Carl Turner Studio attempt to meet all of the latter needs in their work. They are aiming for a project that would give them freedom of action and a chance to develop their new ideas. Convert a barn and turn it into one House with modern interior design Transforming is quite a demanding task. But the end result is worth it – the place provides a number of rooms for living, events, work and solitary contemplation.

House with modern interior design – old construction preserved


The existing exterior of the building will be kept, but that House with modern interior design designed. The doors and windows are set up proportionally so that the thick walls would be outlined. The accent is placed on the beautiful brick details. The same type of brick is used for covering material where it is necessary.

House with modern interior design – untreated brick wall


The interior is left wide open and the separate rooms are treated like buildings within a building. The barn construction forms the most important parts of the building. The longer wing forms a series of bedrooms and a bathroom. That way, a simple setup is made in House with modern interior design transformed.

OSB panels – wall and floor design


The materials chosen for the interior are natural: concrete, hard wooden floorboards, OSB panels, which are analogous to hay bales. The outer materials are also solid. The roofs of the house have been removed and the wooden roof structures have been strengthened and replaced where necessary. The roofs are insulated and the tiles have been laid again. The worn floor coverings were insulated with polished concrete. The entire interior is made to order. It shows how a house with a modern interior design should look like.

Converted barn – living area


Wood and the authentic natural colors of the earth dominate. OSB panels were used to make table tops, shelves, kitchen benches and other items. The solid wooden furniture with a simple design predominates. The feeling of the authentic furnishings and atmosphere is reminiscent of the early days. The idea is to keep the spirit of the building and not cancel out the ideas of vintage and innovative interior design. The conversion is only there for the use of the place and not for the essentials. The concept of House with modern interior design only changes the appearance of the building while keeping its character and spirit as they once were.

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Ocher Barn Converted Barn