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Bungalow house as House S by CHRIST.CHRIST. Associated Architects

Wooden veranda-willow-with-trees

Not so long ago, the German architects team from CHRIST.CHRIST.Associated Architects the House S project completed. It is a Bungalow house which was designed in the 60s by the architect for interior and design Wilfried Hilger on one floor and has now been completely redesigned. The photos are from Thomas Herrmann made available.

Bungalow house and its location 

Wiesbaden Sight House Bungalow

The contemporary two story Bungalow house is located in Wiesbaden, a city on the south-western side of Germany, in which the government of the Federal Republic of Hesse is located. The specific construction is a hot topic in urban development and interior design these days. The roof area has the potential to serve as a “plot” for an independent property – urban compression of the free-standing roof area and its capacity as an independent unit.

Bungalow House will be a House S new version

Top-view division of the area

It’s always a question of juxtaposing how to get an existing one Bungalow house can remodel with the spirit of the 60s in the contemporary time. The architect Wilfried Hilger designed House S for himself and his family. Since the available living space was supposed to house four family members again, it was decided to build the bungalow and to completely renovate it. In order to retain the typical structure of the bungalow, three box rooms connected by glass corridors were set up on the cantilevered roof.

Pine-on-the-roof bungalow house

The division of the bungalow into living areas

The new building construction allows living areas with different qualities – the south-western one offers a pasture with an apple tree, in the north we have a courtyard with pavement and a pine tree and in the east a roof terrace with magnolia. One box serves as a bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. The other two are used by the owner as a private living area and work space.

Sliding-glass-bungalow house

New technical equipment

Almost all of the technical equipment, including all interior walls, has been removed, paving the way to a large living area. Open kitchen was set up in the middle. This area also leads to the two children’s rooms and the bathroom. In addition, a guest room and a living unit are available. Thanks to the triple glass construction and the highly effective formwork, an energy contingent construction project was carried out.

Living area concrete wall leather sofa

 No interior walls on the first floor

open-kitchen-wooden floor-living area

 Seamless transition from kitchen to living area


Staircase made of mineral material and glass

Sofa-bed-concrete-wall-with-fireplace-living room

 Concrete wall and white plaster


Wooden floor and wooden veranda

Shower cubicle without shower tray

Shower cubicle without shower tray


Bathroom layout

Washing-up area-separated-by-glass-walls

White rectangular fittings

sunken-in-the-floor bathtub

Partition made of glass


Stairwell view



Second floor level






Sheep Pasture Scissors Hill

Project execution for roof area


Front view second floor

Exterior louvre bungalow house

Window concrete walls bungalow

View-from-inside wooden floor-glass walls




Bungalow house with stone path stairs