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Award-winning sustainable architecture


A good location means you are making the most of it and getting the maximum impact when designing a particular style of architecture, in this case – the sustainable architecture. Such a home may very well have all of the conveniences of a modern home, great views, and lots of interesting designer choices. Because of all these characteristics, a team from Singapore designers won the 2011 Design Award. This project of futuristic architecture is combined with a beautiful view of Siglap Hill mountain.

Award-winning sustainable architecture – open spaces and terraces

Award-winning sustainable architecture terrace

These sustainable architecture has several levels. The cabana-style bedrooms with large balconies are on the main floor. You have a beautiful, picturesque view of the surrounding area and direct access to the swimming pool. There are also some service points at this level. On the second floor are the living and dining rooms, along with some rooms for leisure activities. The living areas can be opened completely so that natural light flows in freely. Good ventilation was also provided without disturbing the comfort of the residents. A bent roof allows the breeze to circulate throughout the house and it also creates good shade. Although it’s a matter of ultra-modern architecture that holds on to the ideas of the urban environment, nature has already paid a good amount of attention. the sustainable architecture itself should give the chance for more planting. There is an outside terrace towards which the windows of the house are oriented and from which the trees look as if they are looking inward. In this way, the connection with the outside world is maintained and the house is completely depicted in its surroundings. These sustainable architecture vmerges in an interesting way with the model of futuristic architecture.

Award-winning sustainable architecture – pool area

Award-winning sustainable architecture pool area

The collaboration between the architect and the owner must be taken into account. The house is noticeable not only because of the futuristic architecture, but also because of the idea that it exudes. The jury of the competition considered this sustainable architecture, which renews the general prospects of the neighborhood with its presence.

B. Angelov

Designed by AAMER


Night lighting

Award-winning sustainable architectural night lighting

Sinuous terrace shapes


white facade


Suspended ceiling


Wellness room


Bathroom design


Wooden stairs