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An exotic vacation home on the beach in Brazil


The exotic Cottage on the beach from Studio MK27 is an ode to nature. The house consists of two structures made of reinforced concrete, firmly connected on the mountain side of an island. Two modern prisms between the great colossal rocks of the Brazilian coast. The volumes seem to protrude outwards from the mountain, almost at the level of the beach.

 Fabulous pool design from the vacation home on the beach


The residents achieve that Cottage on the beach with a boat. The house, called Paraty House, finds balance in the topography of the land, creating extensive open living space in the practically untouched nature. In the rocks of Paraty, in the island’s dense rainforest, we discover these orthogonal volumes and penetrate the sand. When we get into the exotic Cottage on the beach and we are faced with astonishing examples of the furniture collection of the XX century, designed by George Nakashima, Luis Barragan, Lina Bo Bardi, Sérgio Rodrigues, Joaquim Tenreiro and José Zanine Caldas, among others.

Interior design in the vacation home on the beach


 A metal staircase connects the living areas in the large house. The stairs lead to a swimming pool in the basement, which is magically lit. The living room, kitchen and lounge area can be found on the upper floors. The continuous internal surface has a span of 27 meters and huge glass windows allow an uninterrupted view of the ocean.

Rainforest in the background


three floors and nice lighting


Facade with sand colors


Stairwell glass

Paraty House exotic vacation home on the beach stairwell

Indoor swimming pool


Wooden furniture


open kitchen


Natural stone wall and wall decoration


Bedroom blinds


magical night lighting