Architecture, dream homes

Architecture, dream homes

The modern town house by Carl Turner Architects


The modern town house is designed in such a way as to answer many requests that were made by the owners. Their views for the place have been fulfilled so that they would like to live there.

The modern town house in Great Britain

The-modern-town-house-Great Britain

Architects Carl Turner Architects met owners’ needs for a flexible home that would be sustainable and with plenty of accommodation options. The connection between the building and the outside space is of great importance. Lighting is an essential factor associated with the property. The construction of the townhouse is rectangular and made of concrete. It has a street view. The ideas arose in the course of the collaboration between the architects and the owner. The small area defines a four-story house, so each floor has a different function. The upper floor of the house has some innovative design choices, such as a rooftop garden and the entrance to the back yard. The house is oriented towards the street, while the glass construction lets light into the rooms. The construction is carried out in such a way that there is a possibility for two more floors in the future. There is also an elevator shaft. The area on which the modern town house is built in the middle of the urban environment. It was a design challenge because the boundaries of the neighboring houses are narrow.

The modern town house made of concrete and wood


The modern town house features open concrete walls, polished concrete floors and hard-working coverings that dominate the configuration of the interior design. The facade is glazed to let in the light. The large bespoke doors are made of walnut with the idea of ​​giving it a special touch, as walnut is a soft, warm material. The range of materials helps to combine internal and external configurations into one basic idea. The third floor gives access to the roof terrace.

Kitchen design


The main technical achievement is to build a modern townhouse that will answer all the views of the owners of this small site in the outskirts of the city. Artificial lighting is also challenging and requires careful coordination. The pendant lights are selected and placed in a pattern so that the softness of the wood is emphasized. Wood is the basic interior material. That modern town house shows the possibilities of building a house on a small site.

B. Angelov

Floor-to-ceiling windows


Wood cladding



The-modern-town-house-Carl-Turner-Architects-stairs-concrete-walls Das-Moderne-Stadthaus-Carl-Turner-Architects-plan



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Architecture, dream homes

Beautiful modern home on an island in the USA


Nowadays, modern architecture is mostly luxurious, eccentric, or vanguard. The designers always strive to create an innovative construction, often forgetting the main goal – namely that one modern house Should offer security and comfort for the whole family. Harmonious decor with practical furniture is an inseparable part of modern architecture.

Modern house with a semicircular shape on an island in the USA

modern-architecture-vacation home-Virgin-Island-USA

The modern architecture that we present to you here is an exciting mixture of luxury and comfort. Lindsay Brown architects came up with this elegant project for a semicircular modern house designed with the idea of ​​a great vacation for the whole family in mind. The excellent location inspired the designers to create their design. Located on the island of Virgin in the USA, the house is surrounded by tranquility and nature. So the construction could be opened to the sea. Thanks to the wooden construction, the house blends in perfectly with its surroundings, while the sinuous construction protects the patio area from strangers’ eyes.

Modern house with a beautiful patio area


A modern house in the US – this incredible example of contemporary architecture from Lindsay Brown Studio was called Pride’s rest. Wood, marble and beautiful floor lighting define the interior. Cozy patio furniture visually connects the indoor and outdoor areas. The building offers comfort for the whole family.


Modern architecture – vacation home in the USA


Modern house design – blueprint

modern house design usa building sketch

Single family home in the USA blueprint

single story single family usa blueprint

House design from the USA – blueprint

modern-architecture-usa-building sketch

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Architecture, dream homes

Modern urban architecture – the Ravine House in Canada

a modern house design from Canada

Canadian architecture firm architeXture designed this modern house. There are old houses and historic castles in the neighborhood. Located in Toronto, Canada offers that Ravine house  the comfort of privacy as requested by the owners. The glass wall in Ravine house offers a view of trees and lush vegetation from almost every location. This makes the house look more open and brighter. Doors at different entry points bring light, movement and tension in the interior.

Modern urban architecture – the Ravine House

Interior design - modern living room design

The U-shaped floor plan from Ravine house comprises three components that surround an inner courtyard. A functional staircase unfolds into the rear garden. The main wing houses the family of five while the guests are accommodated in another part of the building. A small, single storey brick house extension contains the garage and a small, ground floor apartment for the grandparents.

elegant and stylish interior design

Fully glazed walls and strategically placed entrances ensure that everyone is involved in daily household activities. Local materials for the interior design transform the house into an elegant living area and create a uniform, harmonious aesthetic. The oak for floor coverings and furniture, and the limestone in numerous beautiful shapes (sanded, sandblasted, polished) create a noble ambience.

modern bedroom – exciting interior design idea

 The designer Cindy Rendely was trained as a goldsmith and metal artist, so she shows an interest in details and decoration. She was inspired by the sky, water and grass, and she used many colors. Here, for example, details made of aluminum, brick, stainless steel were mixed with blue and green leather. This is how the Ravine House looks modern, but still charming and cozy.

modern interior with fireplace

modern and stylish bathroom

interesting decorating idea - a red bathroom

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minimalist architecture – ‘Open House‘

Designed by XTEN Architecture


We present you the 1,500 square meters minimalist architecture, which was designed by the Californian design studio XTEN Architecture. The home is located in Hollywood, California, USA. The modern project was designed with the idea of ​​creating an innovative, open structure on a hill. It’s definitely an interesting architectural decision. – in this way the house blends in with its surroundings. The relationship with nature characterizes the whole design of the minimalist architecture.

minimalist architecture – close to nature

minimalist design facade

The forty-four glass doors in the house are electronically controlled and can be opened – they ‘disappear into the walls, revealing the beautiful view of the terraces and the garden. The interior design of the minimalist architecture makes the house appear bright and spacious.

Interestingly, pebble was also chosen as the flooring inside. It creates a connection between the outside and inside. Comfortable furniture and a fireplace increase the feel-good factor.

Modern Minimalist Architecture – Hollywood House

minimalist design modern living room fireplace

 All furniture is of course of high quality and quality. The dining room in this modern minimalist architecture is simply and simply, but comfortably furnished – wooden tables and benches help create a fusion between garden and living room. Lots of green plants create a cozy and inviting ambience. An elegant staircase leads to the second floor, which houses the private bedrooms. Enjoy this elegant architecture with a stylish design, where you can relax in peace.

minimalist interior – wooden table in the living room

minimalist design wooden table

modern minimalist pool

minimalist-design-modern-swimming pool

modern garden


modern white facade

minimalist design white facade

modern bathroom – minimalist architecture in Hollywood


Leather furniture in the living room

minimalist design leather furniture

modern minimalist interior


Blueprint – Minimalist California House

minimalist design blueprint

Design by XTEN Architecture

exciting design house in California

minimalist modern design

minimalist black bathtub


modern white facade

minimalist design white facade

modern minimalist garden


modern minimalist pool

minimalist-design-modern-swimming pool

minimalist interior in the living room

minimalist design blueprint

black bathtub


modern white facade

minimalist design white facade

modern garden


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Architecture, dream homes

Excellent holiday home with a glass facade


A Holiday home with excellent design in the middle of the American desert attracts everyone’s attention. The beautiful architecture offers breathtaking views of the surroundings and cozy, typically southern interior furnishings.

Holiday home in the middle of the desert

modern cottage stone construction

The architects of Tate Studio have an interesting new project – the house is called Pass Residence and is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the middle of the desert in a hilly area where the wild vegetation consists of low bushes, the house offers excellent views in every direction. The large free space creates a calm atmosphere and you feel relaxed. The modern house facade reflects the natural shapes of the surrounding landscape – strong geometric shapes and generously glazed facade make the building appear more open. The key word is spacious. That Holiday home is undoubtedly big enough, but the architects have underlined this feeling with various interior elements.

Holiday home offers breathtaking views

spacious living area wooden beams

Natural materials such as wood and stone were used in the construction. The color scheme mimics the landscape – subtle earthy tones like beige and brown create a connection to the outside area. For a modern aftertaste in the Holiday home the use of concrete and copper makes a major contribution. The furniture is simple but very luxurious – materials such as leather and wood were preferred by the designers. The interior is typically minimalist, but nothing is missing.

Interesting interior – bedroom

Bedroom glass wall minimalist interior

There was no decoration in the holiday home. From every room you can marvel at the beautiful area, with a whole corner of the bedroom being glazed. This creates the illusion that you are in the middle of nature. Large outdoor swimming pool and a stone fireplace promise many pleasant hours outdoors. The patio area was planted with cacti, so that one has the feeling that the back yard of the house stretches out endlessly. The architects at Tate Studio have managed to create an island of peace and relaxation where you really feel at home.

Luxurious patio area swimming pool

luxurious patio area swimming pool

Elegant living room with leather furniture

elegant living room leather furniture

Two-piece bathtub-wood granite floor

two-part bathtub-wood-granite floor

Modern minimalist architecture


Cottage with stone fireplace

Cottage-stone fireplace-outdoors

Garden design idea with cacti

Garden design USA cacti

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Crockett Residence – a family home of character

From Pb-elementary architecture

an interesting house design - modern glass facade

The amazing one Crockett residence, which was built in Seattle Washington, stands on a modest plot of just 609 m². In any case, the size does not play a role in the design of this single-family home. The architects achieved a little family house to create that protects the privacy of its owner, but still remains open to the outdoors and that is modern, but at the same time practical.

the Crockett Residence – modern design

modern interior design - accent on colorful

The plan includes a garden. And yes, he’s quite small, but very charming. An open roof terrace with white flooring and comfortable furniture was designed for this purpose. The residence is intended for an active family of five. It consists of four levels, including the basement and the rooms directly under the roof.

It was important for the customers that all children have their own room. Accordingly, three bedrooms are located on the main level that share a bathroom. The entrance from the street is placed on the south facade and leads to a long hall that stretches across the entire length of the Family house and includes a staircase in the middle.

Crockett Residence – Modern Interior

modern house design - roof terrace with furniture

The main living area in family house  is located on the second floor and is illuminated from three sides by the glass facade. It includes the kitchen, the dining room and the living room, which are combined in one large living area. The large living room faces southeast. Another bedroom and a bathroom are located in the northwest corner of this level. The ceiling level can be reached via a separate staircase and consists of a terrace.

Interesting interior design – the Crockett residence

Family house interior decoration - colorful pictures

The interior design leaves this Family house look really fabulous. It is a contemporary design that is combined with a lot of art. The bedrooms have white walls and ceilings that serve as a backdrop for the colorful elements in the furniture and decoration. The living area also has a very colorful design. The contrast between the black furniture and window frames and the white walls creates tension. A large white bookshelf full of colorful books creates a fun and cozy atmosphere in the family house.

By K.H. Christova

a modern innovative staircase

Children's room design in the modern house

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Dynamic modern architecture in rural Sicily

dynamic minimalist architecture - house in ItalyVilla T from Architrend architects’ office

Dramatic modern architecture ‘awakens‘ the local country houses from rural Sicily. The green meadows are characteristic of this area – a perfect prerequisite for demonstrating this modern, dynamic building. The striking rectangular house seamlessly connects to the flat land – an excellent example of the connection between the modern architecture and nature.

Modern architecture – house in Sicily

minimalist house in Italy - front

As part of the movement to renovate the disused farmland, the modern architecture is transforming the appearance of the Ragusa region in Sicily. This breathtaking project by Architrend remains true to local history and integrates elements from the traditional Mediterranean architectural style, such as white gypsum walls, a dynamic pitched roof or a residential complex with a courtyard. Originally, this area was full of thick-walled, isolated farms.

Interior design – modern architecture

minimalist decor in the living room

Isolation can also be viewed positively because it guarantees more privacy. In any case, there is a risk of feeling cut off from the world. The modern architecture this bright and spacious home helps to remove the feeling of being alone.

The technical basis for the modern architecture is the use of reinforced concrete as a building material, which facilitated the installation of the floor-to-ceiling window front. On the one hand, these great windows protect against unfriendly weather and provide security, on the other hand, the residents can enjoy the surroundings to the maximum. The house opens up to the world, although at the same time it separates itself from other buildings.

modern interior – house in Italy

minimalistic and modern house design - red armchair

Or as the architects themselves explain: ‘Not an introverted house, but a way to fully enjoy the surroundings by creating open spaces – rooms without walls, which are an important part of the overall design.‘

This sentimentality reflects today’s ideologies for functionality of modern architecture  contrary. Most people want to keep their privacy but at the same time not feel completely isolated from the outside world.

From Jaz

innovative construction - a minimalist house in Sicily

minimalist furnishings in the living area

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Glass House – modern architecture in sunny California

Glass house - modern architecture in California

This incredibly beautiful one, modern glass house in Big Sur it was called “The New Californian Dream”. The house is from Sagan Piechota architecture from San Francisco developed. The view of the mountains and the sea is breathtaking. The boundaries between the indoor and outdoor areas are almost invisible, which helps to get an unforgettable feeling of being one with nature. The walls allow you to see to the horizon and enjoy the views of the open environment. One of the best things about nature is that it is constantly changing. The wallpaper always remains the same, but the natural views cannot be reproduced or reproduced. Therefore this is Glass house so unique.

The unique glass house – sideways glance

Glass house - modern architecture in California

From the outside it looks as if the house is embraced by nature. Of course, the exterior isn’t the only thing that’s exceptional about this beautiful glass house. The interior is just amazing. The architects point out the stone floors, concrete supports and domed copper roof which are some of the special features of this luxurious and unique home.

Breathtaking view of the sea from the glass house

Glass house - modern architectural design in California

That Glass house is perfect for a good vacation or just for the weekend. It’s great to spend a few weeks in peace, in a cozy atmosphere, surrounded only by nature and beauty. This Glass house is designed with a vision for the future. It is made from new materials, the design is very innovative and modern.

Sunshine flow through the modern glass house

Glass House - Modern Architecture in California - Side View

Some of the architectural ideas are bold and edgy that definitely make the house look fantastic. The new California dream is far from ordinary. It is intended for people with taste and imagination who will appreciate its exceptional beauty and quality. There aren’t many homes designed with inspiration. This is definitely inspiring. It can be said that it was created not just by architects, but by artists.

The modern glass house – the new Californian dream

Glass house - modern architecture in California - from the outside

Glass House - Modern California Architecture - Ocean View

Glass House - Modern Architecture in California - Glass Walls

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