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minimalist architecture – the pull house

modern house design from the USA - colored facade

This incredible and unique minimalist architecture is located in western Massachusetts. Like a house of the future, the Zughaus / Pull – Haus / is designed as an eco-friendly refuge. It looks like a typical country house, but the first impression can be changing. It is a hi-tech house as a matter of fact – the energy saving system is just one example. This excellent minimalist architecture combines modern materials, innovative architectural solutions and beautiful design ideas.

Modern minimalist architecture – a country house in Massachusetts

modern minimalist country house design from the USA

The house is designed to be incredibly functional and shows the modern minimalist architecture. The space is divided into two – a private area and a living area. A corridor separates the bedrooms from the living room. There is a loft above the ground floor. A modern construction characterizes the modern minimalist architecture. The whole house was built sustainably.

minimalist interior design – country house in the USA

minimalist country house - exciting interior design

Taylor and Miller Architecture and Design built the house in 2009. Not only was the house built with eco-friendly systems, it was built from recycled materials. Its spacious interior offers a relaxed atmosphere that the owner can enjoy in peace. Artistic, stylish and modern interior design creates a mood and leaves the minimalist architecture look cozy. The ‘Zughaus‘ welcomes the future in a cozy home.

Rebecca T.

modern country house - wooden stairs

modern elegant interior - leather sofaWood cladding - modern minimalist architecture

minimalist country house with modern wooden stairs

colored details in the interior design kitchen

minimalist house design - colored windows

Modern minimalist exterior design - glass facade