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Bad Spa Design – The thermal Meran Hotel

Thermal hotel in Italy - facade

The concept behind this Bad SpaDesign is to combine old and new in a modern, practical and stylish way. The project, designed by Matteo Thun and Partners, was completed in 2006 and the new Therme Meran Spa Hotel – opened. The designers focused on 5 key aspects of the design – health, wellness, style, diet, medicinal and hydro treatments.

Modern bathroom spa design – a hotel in Italy

Spa hotel in Italy - modern swimming pool

The perfect harmony and aesthetic impact have a very special goal in this one Bathroom spa design. You should help people rest and freshen up. The building adapts perfectly to the landscape and the natural curves and elements in the bathroom harmonize with the garden. There is absolute tranquility where everyone can enjoy this thermal oasis surrounded by trees.

Quiet and relaxed atmosphere – bathroom spa design from Italy

modern interior - hotel in Italy

The breathtaking building with its glass facade is impressive and an excellent example of Bathroom spa design. The area around Merano is simply magical. Guests can enjoy the view of the Texel Mountains. The beautiful nature is also a part of the healing process, like this modern one Bathroom spa design from Italy proves.

Interesting architecture from Italy – a spa hotel

modern interesting interior - bathroom in hotel

What does this modern Bathroom spa design from Italy so popular? On the one hand, the finest natural materials were used and often used as decoration. Wood represents the relationship to the earth, stone symbolizes stability, air – openness, lightness, and water – life. All of these elements are in the  Bathroom spa design successfully incorporated. Merano is not the source of youth … It is the source of life.

Photos by Gionata Xerra

Rebecca T.

quiet atmosphere - a hotel in Italy

modern foyer in the spa hotel - Italy

two-tone foyer in the spa hotel in Italy

Glass facade - modern hotel

modern interior design in the hotel

modern swimming pool in the spa hotel

modern bathroom in spa hotel

chic golden bathroom design