An Argument In Favor of Inspired Handbags

In October, I heavily criticized brands for using more than a handbags silhouette as inspiration for their bags. I even listed the handbags that are being copied the most. Today, instead of criticizing them, I’d like to argue in favor of inspired handbags as there may be a good reason as to why people buy them. Let’s start by talking about why brands copy big name bags.


So, why do brands do it? Why do affordable brands copy the handbags of luxury brands? They do it because it makes them money. Everyone wants the new Chanel, the new Louis Vuitton, the new Prada, and so on. Brands see a way to make profit from this. It’s also legal to what they do as well. Luxury brands can’t take other brands to court because the affordable brands aren’t using their namesake or trying to sell their bags as the copied brand’s.

Affordable brands also aren’t worried about integrity as much as luxury brands. Luxury brands take pride not only in their designs but in the originality of their design as well. Since affordable brands don’t care about that, they use whatever will make them money. It’s just that when they take inspiration from luxury handbags they seem to be taking more than that.

You’d think that people would know not to buy these bags as they are blatant copies of other bags but people still buy them. Some people just don’t know much about luxury handbags but for those who do, why do you still buy bags from brands like Michael Kors?

The argument I made before was basically to not buy these inspired handbags and only get bags from affordable brands that are more original. If you want the look of a luxury handbag just buy the luxury handbag. The problem with that is that most people can’t afford to buy luxury bags.

Why should the luxury look be limited only to those who can buy luxury bags? It shouldn’t. Inspired handbags bring the luxury look to people at more affordable prices and brands are making more and more inspired bags. There is a very small amount of original handbags from affordable brands so if you try to stick to only original bags, your options are limited. Not to mention, a lot original bags from affordable brands are kind of ugly. So, what should be done?

People should be able to buy inspired bags without criticism because everyone can’t afford luxury handbags but affordable brands should start making their inspired bags more original. It’s one thing to use a handbag’s silhouette, but it’s another when you use the same kind of leather with the same patterns and so on. More importantly, affordable brands need to make a larger selection of original handbags. That would make things easier for people who can’t buy luxury handbags.

So, what do you think? Should people buy inspired handbags or should they just leave those designs to people who can afford them? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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