Skilfully combining jewelry and clothing – 27 ideas with their own style

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The great thing Jewelry and clothing is that you can use it to upgrade the simplest outfit yourself. Fashion jewelry and beautiful clothing still fascinate women when they were little girls. For many, this attraction remains for a lifetime. It is only the fashion trends and our own tastes that change. Nevertheless, many women still feel the uncertainty about which jewelry can be combined correctly with certain items of clothing. With the following 27 ideas for combining accessories and clothing, you will learn how to use your own imagination to create your successful styling for various occasions.

Jewelery and clothing can be skillfully combined to create fabulous looks

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In fact, you can quickly and easily be wrong with the combinations of jewelry and clothing. A typical mistake is made by all women who choose chic individual pieces that unfortunately hardly create any style or color harmony with one another. With our tips you reduce the chances of your outfit failing. With the examples given, you can see how simple looks can be enhanced.

Correctly match jewelry and clothing to the occasion

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Every piece of jewelery that is hardly valuable but still fashionable and nevertheless makes a strong statement is called a “statement jewelery”. Earrings and chains in this style are perfect on a trendy top without sleeves or a silk blouse in a boho look. If you are wearing several accessories at the same time with such a mix of styles, be careful not to overdo it.

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Golden jewelry and clothes in warm shades for festive occasions

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If you combine jewelry and clothing skillfully, you will immediately notice that you have chosen the resulting combination deliberately. Large gold earrings go well with, for example, a warm-colored scarf and a gold watch.

Combine eye-catching jewelry and clothing simply and stylishly

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With the selection of the right pieces of jewelry, monochrome clothing and even these, in neutral tones, will look completely different. Garments in the natural colors black, white, khaki and beige can be cleverly spiced up with eye-catching and filigree accessories. This group still includes clothing in shades of blue, like all jeans clothing.

Which combinations of jewelry and clothing go with the casual spring style

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Even with outfits in spring, it is simply indispensable that every woman looks elegant with a skilful mix of jewelry and clothing and feels more pampered as a result. The correctly selected pieces of jewelery cleverly complement the effect of our basic clothing or effortlessly enhance the simple spring looks. While your winter companions, such as a scarf, hat and gloves, are no longer the right thing and are lying in the wardrobe, the fashionable XXL earrings in bright colors or those with tassel and crystal decorations step onto the scene. An extravagant idea would be to experiment with unusual combos of pearl and crystal rings, which some designers recommend to wear over fingerless gloves. Such a look goes perfectly with outfits with a leather or jeasn jacket.

Ethnic jewelry and clothing in white – popular holiday souvenirs in summer


When it comes to jewelry and clothing next summer, you are sure to find something for every taste. Rag & Bone massive bracelets in gold and silver, filigree gold bracelets with pendants and anklets in ethnic style adorn the sun-kissed skin. Colorful necklaces and earrings made of fabric and glass beads should not be missing in your summer outfit. This season you can mix silver and gold jewelry more boldly and mix the accessories and clothing against all the rules about costume jewelry with your own imagination. The combinations of jewelry and clothing in summer 2016 are ‘more is more’.

Headdress and clothing can be skillfully combined according to the occasion

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The right choice of hair accessories has always been trendy and its strongest point is the way it perfectly gives every lady that princess feeling. Romantic hair clips with a floral or graphic design can be combined well with business looks. On festive occasions, decorate your heads with classic tiaras and avoid overdoing it with futuristic variants. Pure or detailed headbands go together with all combinations of shirts and co.

What jewelry and clothing for the neck and décolleté

Jewelry-Clothing-long-necklaces-flying yarn-accessories-layer-fashion jewelry-gold-brass

You can either combine such multi-row chains yourself or buy ‘ready-made’ sets from these trend accessories by hanging different chains on top of one another. If you are looking for suitable jewelry for an evening look with a low-cut top, opt for a pair of chains of different lengths. Then create a noble and at the same time super trendy combination of jewelry and clothing. It is important that the chains should be as delicate and delicate as possible, so that they can really show off your evening attire.

Choker necklaces are the only jewelry and clothing for a beautiful cleavage


The necklaces, which we have known well since the 1990s, are celebrating their comeback in 2016. The choker will definitely be the necklace of the coming season and we will show you the right tips for skillful combos between this jewelry and clothing for festive or everyday occasions. Clean collars made of metal and leather create beautiful looks from practical outfits in the office such as a jacket and blouse with culloten or jeans. Solid choker necklaces made of gold or filigree variants with gemstones create classically cool combinations with bustier dresses and tops.

The absolute eye-catcher from jewelry and clothing – the looks with upper body chains

Jewelry-clothing-upper body chain-silver-gemstones-fashion jewelry-evening dress-party

The costume jewelry for the body will be on the catwalk in the spring / summer season of 2015 and still conjures up the simple looks of goddess clothing as absolute eye-catchers. That is why the trendy body chains are very popular. The shiny, filigree armor is worn over delicate tops and dresses in such a way that it partially falls over your hips. We recommend fine body chains made of gold as skilful accessories for the silk party dresses and tunics.

Combine accessories made of pearls with clothing in a tasteful way


Classically, the pearl necklace is the perfect partner to a simple shift dress or a skirt and blouse. So it can be worn especially for a chic dinner but also in the office. The colors for such outfits have to be skilfully chosen, such as black, white, cream or nude tones so that the combinations of jewelry and clothing are fashionable and subtle. Classic costume jewelery can be combined with skill with a slightly more elaborate cocktail dress in muted colors. A pearl necklace, however, does not go well with colored patterned blouses, tops or dresses.

Everyday clothing and jewelry made of pearls – combinations interpreted in a rocky way

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Basically, the chains and bracelets can be styled classically and interpreted in a modern way. First and foremost, the popular, long versions, which can be worn in two layers over silk blouses and jeans, are particularly suitable. The pearl necklaces can be skillfully styled and worn in glam rock style with tight leather pants, high pumps and a cashmere cardigan. Particularly lavish and imaginative combinations of jewelry and clothing are created when one or two long chains of pearls are mixed with other silver and / or gold chains of different lengths.

With the combination of rhinestone jewelry and clothing, pay attention to the glitter  

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Although rather simple pieces of jewelery in the colors of yellow, rose gold and silver can be easily combined with each other to create a practical and everyday outfit, the styling rule that applies to combinations of sparkling accessories with rhinestones is that less is more. Don’t overdo it with the glitter, otherwise your look will quickly remind you of a disco ball. It is a negative effect in styling that must be avoided at all costs.

How do you combine many rings to make other jewelry and clothing?

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The popular knuckle rings, or the so-called knuckle rings, are must-have fashion jewelry of the year. These dainty rings are just super cool and stylish. Without question, they are the latest eye-catchers, which, as for our fingers, are particularly popular with the fashion scene. Furthermore, they immediately conjure up the current and dreamy boho look for our looks. The most beautiful outfits for the office or for the free time can be pepped up with the knuckle rings without making mistakes when mixing jewelry and clothing.