Louis Vuitton designs protective visor that doubles as a cap

Welcome to the new present, where the face shield is the new must-have accessory that even fashion houses like Louis Vuitton bring into play. The French luxury brand is expected to launch a special protective visor in selected stores at the end of October. This promises to add a discreet yet sophisticated touch to personal protection, while also serving as head protection.

Protective visor against coronavirus from Louis Vuitton

Prototype of protective visor against coronavirus designed by the louis vuitton fashion house

The stylish visor is dubbed the LV Shield, as if the sheer power of the brand’s signature could ward off disease. However, it should offer protection against the sun’s rays thanks to its monochromatic coating. This is because it gets darker when exposed to sunlight. The French fashion house Louis Vuitton has designed such a face protection with its characteristic LV monogram. You can also fold it up and use it as a sun visor. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is made of a material that is similar to plastic and is trimmed with fabric and an elastic strap that fits snugly around the wearer’s head. Golden rivets with the company name allow the wearer to tilt the visor up and transform it from a face shield into a visor cap.

a trend during the covid 19 pandemic from luxury brand lv shield also as a cap

Since the visor is made of a light-sensitive material, it becomes darker in direct sunlight and changes from clear to tinted. So it can protect the wearer from mild sun glare. Both the trim and the head strap are printed with the company’s typical LV monogram in the classic brown and gold colors. In a statement, Louis Vuitton describes the sign as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective”. The LV Shield should be available from October 30, 2020 in selected Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. While the brand has not yet given a final price to the protective visor, the estimated cost could be around 800 euros. This is commensurate with the only similar product in this style in their range – the Strawgram Visor, which costs about that much. The usual caps of the fashion house, however, cost between 500 and 800 euros.

Orientate yourself to the trend

asian model wears photomonochrome protective visor from louis vuitton on her face

As face masks and protective shields become increasingly part of everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more fashion brands and designers are creating their own versions of the PPE. For example, the British company Burberry recently launched a range of cotton face masks. These are accordingly printed with blue or beige versions of the vintage check pattern. Another designer who aims to make face protection highly fashionable is New Yorker Joe Doucet. He created a face shield that can be worn like sunglasses.

classy looking face mask by louis vuitton with packaging and bag made of fabric

So Louis Vuitton is not the only luxury brand launching items that people can wear as fashion accessories during the pandemic. The sportswear company Adidas has also released its own reusable face mask made from breathable recycled material, as has the other sportswear brand ASICS, which has developed a face cover for runners with integrated vents against coronavirus.