Jewelry made of modeling clay – 25 Fimo ideas for handicrafts

Jewelry from modeling clay - piggy-fimo-polymer-chain-tinker-pink

Figures and Jewelry made from modeling clay the children do handicrafts in kindergarten. While it looks foolproof, there are a few tricks and tips on how to create slightly more intricate and ornate shapes for jewelry. A suitable and very sustainable material is polymeric putty, which is also known under the name “Fimo”. It is available in every hobby shop and in several colors. Fimo is easy to work with and stays soft for a long time. To fix it, the material is baked, which can also be done in the oven at home. Just pay attention to the right temperature. There are different types of Fimo, as well as numerous accessories and additives such as varnishes or plasticizers. For beginners, we’ve put together some simpler ideas for figurines and jewelry made from modeling clay in this article.

Jewelry made of modeling clay – necklaces, earrings, studs, collars, rings made of polymer clay

Jewelry made of modeling clay - meerkat-chain-tinkering-fimo-modeling-bijou

The particularly nice thing about this material is the long working hours. If you fail with one shape, simply knead all the elements together and start over. So that the dough lasts longer, wrap it well in cling film. Dealing with Fimo is very easy – roll out, cut and mix and after baking the material becomes very firm and not at all brittle. It is best suited for ornate miniatures that have many small and fine details. You can make imaginative jewelry from modeling clay in all shapes and looks for yourself or as a gift – stone-like pearls, lace textures, tiny fruits and sweets as bijous are just a small selection of possibilities.

Jewelry made of modeling clay – imaginative Fimo ideas for handicrafts

Jewelry from modeling clay -earrings-simple-purple-tinker-stcker-purple-simple

A strong trend in jewelry design and DIY projects is food jewelry, i.e. jewelry that looks like food. It looks extraordinary and “cute” in the truest sense of the word. Take a look at the picture series and let yourself be inspired by our delightful ideas for jewelry made of modeling clay. At the very bottom is a very detailed step-by-step video.

An eye-catcher – cloud with colored raindrops

Jewelry made of modeling clay-rainbow-cloud-fimo-chain-tinker-drop-colors

Seductive sweets as earrings or chains

Jewelry made of modeling clay - pancake-glaze-blueberry-cream-earrings-polymer

Uncomplicated and effective – earrings made from fimo balls

Jewelry from modeling clay - earrings-ball-pink-black-white-dots

Delicate red roses made of polymer clay adorn the ears

Jewelry from modeling clay - make-your-own-earrine-red-rose-fimo

A sweet bite – finger ring with macarons


Glittering donuts – delicious pieces of jewelry

Jewelry made of modeling clay - donuts-glitter-pink-blue-fimo-chain-sweet

Simple with details in pastel colors

Jewelry made of modeling clay - chain-stones-odd-fimo-metal-purple-blue-pink

Traditional Greek dessert as a bijou 


 Carrying breakfast around your neck


Jewelry from modeling clay - chain-fimo-warm-toe-idea-bijou

chain-sheets-fimo-polymer-modeling clay-tinkering-mint-color










Jewelry from modeling clay - licorice-fimo-tinker-black-white-ideas-pattern