How to tie a tie – the 4 most important knots with simple instructions

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A tie is part of the business wardrobe, but it is also part of the elegant style of clothing. It is an indispensable accessory for a shirt and suit that sets an accent and an individual touch. Not only the design of the tie, which should be matched to the outfit, is particularly important, but also the knot with which it is tied. It often happens that at festivities, special occasions, an interview or generally in tight time situations, one quickly gets into stress if one is not really trained in tying a tie. So that you can put your new tie in the limelight, we provide the 4 most important knots with simple instructions.

Successfully tie the tie


A tie can be tied in a total of 85 ways, according to the English physicist Dr. Thomas Fink found out. Don’t let this variety put you off. Of course you don’t have to master all tie knots, but every man should be able to tie the two most important knots – the four-in-hand and the simple Windsor knot. On festive occasions, the more elaborate types of ties also come into their own.

Tie a tie – four-in-hand knot

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The four-in-hand knot is one of the basic tie knots and it is one of the most popular. It owes its popularity mainly to its simple way of tying it and its timeless look. It is equally suitable for every occasion, for leisure time, but also for business meetings. Whether thin or rather wide, every tie can be tied nicely in this way. In addition, the four-in-hand knot is available to both tall and medium-sized men. The clear pro point is that it can be tied with one hand and perhaps that’s why it was called a “simple knot”.

Four-in-hand knot instructions


  1. Place the wide end of the tie over the narrow one.
  2. Pass the wide end of the tie behind the narrow end to the right and then to the left.
  3. Pull the broad end up to the neck and then pull it back down through the loop that has been created.
  4. The knot is already done. Now just slide it up to the top button of your shirt until the tie fits correctly.

Tie a Tie – Simple Windsor Knot


This simple tie knot is an elegant all-rounder that the Duke of Windsor made particularly popular in the 1930s. The Windsor knot is slightly more voluminous and bulbous than the four-in-hand knot. It is characterized by a conical, symmetrical shape and is particularly suitable for shirts that sit close to the neck. It comes into its own with a shark collar. For this you should choose a narrow tie made of a material that is not too voluminous. Whether for a festive or professional occasion, the gentleman look is perfectly completed with a simple Windsor knot.

Easy Windsor Knot Instructions


  1. Place the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and then pull it towards the neck.
  2. Guide the wide end behind the narrow one.
  3. Next, bring the wide end back in front of the narrow one and pull it towards the neck again.
  4. Now a loop is created. In this way, lead the wide end of the tie back down.
  5. Pull up to the top button of your shirt and the simple Windsor knot is in place.

Tie Tie – Double Windsor Knot


The double Windsor knot is actually not very easy to tie because of the many entanglements. But with a little practice, even beginners will certainly be able to perform it. The ideal tie for this is narrow, unlined and long, because the knot itself is a bit more voluminous. The pattern and color should be subtle and the shirt – with a collar that is not too narrow, otherwise the collar tips will rise due to the size of the knot. The double Windsor knot looks best on medium or short men. Tall men with a rather broad face and neck should generally refrain from doing this and opt for a narrower knot variant such as the four-in-hand.

Double Windsor Knot Instructions


  1. Let a large part of the wide end hang down on the right side. Guide the wide end of the tie with your right hand to the left over the narrow end and then grasp it with your left hand.
  2. Guide the wide end from left to right under the narrow one, towards the neck and then through the loop to the bottom right.
  3. Grab the wide end and fold it around half the knot to the left. Now take the same end with your left hand, feed it from below through the loop around the neck and at the same time through the back of the knot.
  4. Pull the broad end forward over the half-finished knot. Take its point, stick it under the outer layer of the knot and pull it all the way through.

    Finally, carefully align the knot.

Tie a bow tie


As an alternative to the tie, more and more men are choosing a bow tie to stand out from the crowd, to show style and cheerfulness. In addition, a bow tie is much more conventional than a tie and can not only be worn in classic black with a tuxedo or white with a tailcoat, but on almost any occasion and it always looks chic. While this post is about tying a tie, we’d also like to explain the easiest way to tie a bow tie.

Bow tie tying instructions


  1. Turn up the collar of the shirt. Place the bow tie around your neck.
  2. Pull the left end of the loop four inches further down than the right. Bring the right end over the left end and pull it through the loop from below.
  3. Shape the shorter end into a horizontal loop with the index finger and thumb of your left hand.
  4. Let the longer end fall down to the front and place the index finger of your right hand on it, then slide it up behind the front loop and put it through the knot.
  5. Align the two ends and tighten the knot.


A chic tie should not be missing for an elegant, smart look. Narrow or wide, monochrome or patterned – that makes a difference. Just as not every tie is appropriate for every occasion, not every tie knot looks great with every tie. In order for this exciting partnership to really succeed, a little more attention is required in the selection. A large knot like the double Windsor combined with a shark collar shirt gives seriousness. Elegant finishes made of silk or an opulent fabric, preferred for special occasions, achieve a balanced effect when they are narrow and tied in four-in-hand or simple Windsor knots.