Glasses trend 2019: Who are transparent glasses for and how do you combine them?

Transparent nerd glasses round perfect for oval or square faces

Transparent glasses are not a new invention in the eyewear industry. They made their grand entrance a few years ago. In 1945 Ingrid Bergman still wore such a model in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “I fight for you”! In the time of the progressive retro wave, it is no wonder that glasses with transparent frames are currently back in fashion. From young hipsters to old ladies and gentlemen – this type of glasses suits every type. Think of clear glasses as a chic alternative to traditional rimless glasses. They offer a similar “transparency” for a look-at-me-not-my-glasses effect, but the crystal-clear glasses frame gives the whole thing an undeniably funky touch.

For whom are transparent glasses ideal??

Transparent glasses dark hair skin who suits it

Transparent glasses are cool, trendy and go with almost every complexion and outfit. They can be completely colorless or just have a touch of color like pink, mint, blue, or beige. With their shiny crystal look, the glasses are almost invisible from a distance. Women love that they look almost like a highlighter that brightens the eye area and doesn’t throw any additional shadow on the face. Whether blonde, red or brown hair – glasses with a transparent look go with every hair color. Stars like Hailey Baldwin (blonde) prove that to us., Zoey Deutch (copper brown) and Kylie Jenner (black). Women over 50 can get away from it  Annette Bening, Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey inspire.

Transparent plastic glasses man with elongated face

But men also like to wear this fashionable accessory. These include celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. In the film “Forever Adelaine” (2015) Harrison Ford wears round glasses with transparent acetate frames in a vintage style. It looks particularly harmonious with his gray hair and beard.

Choose the right shape of glasses!

Transparent glasses with acetate frame in cat-eye style Trend 2019

Choosing the right frame shape is important for every type of glasses. You should choose the opposite of your face shape. For example, a square or rectangular frame goes well with a round face, while glasses with round lenses are ideal for a square face. If you have an oval face, then you can be pleased: almost every shape of glasses suits oval faces. From classically stylish to cheeky modern – transparent glasses come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Many well-known eyewear brands, such as Ray Ban, Versace, Dior, Gucci and Stella McCartney, have now taken up this trend. If you are looking for sleek minimalism with unsurpassed quality, then you can order such a model at

How can transparent glasses be optimally combined??

Transparent glasses, blonde hair, subtle make-up

So that your transparent glasses really come into their own, wear clothing in lighter shades. Clothing in dark tones distracts attention from your glasses and makes them invisible. A bright outfit attracts everyone’s attention to your face and your fashion accessory.

If you have blonde hair and fair skin, you should bring some color to your face. Put on darkly made-up lips or eye make-up in light pink or green tones. Choose the shade that best suits your eye color.

If you have dark hair, go for natural, light makeup. Heavy make-up and transparent glasses frames are a no-go.

If you as a man decide to wear transparent glasses, you should consider the following: the longer the beard, the more the glasses take a back seat. However, a short and well-groomed beard is always popular.

Transparent glasses round nerd glasses trend 2019

Always keep your clear glasses clean. Make-up residues in particular are immediately visible on a transparent frame. Soak the glasses in soapy water, then rinse the soap off under running water and dry them with a soft microfiber cloth. With the right care, you can enjoy your modern glasses for a long time!

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