Combine belts – this is how we will wear the fashion accessory next year!

Whether with a dress, a blazer or with jeans – a stylish belt is the easiest way to give your outfit a whole new look and a fresh touch. The searches on the Pinterest website for outfits with chain belts, waist belts or even lace belts increased by about 200 to 300% year-on-year. So one thing becomes very clear – there is no doubt that belts in the most varied of shapes, sizes and patterns are among the top fashion trends of 2020 and our wardrobe can no longer be imagined without them. If you would like to find out how you can combine a belt and conjure up excellent outfits in no time at all, then read on and be inspired by our stylish ideas!

Belt combine coat in leopard pattern fashion trends 2020 women

Did you think that the main purpose of a belt is to hold your trousers in place? Then you were very wrong – the trendy outfit rounds off every outfit perfectly and can transform your ordinary everyday look of jeans and sweater into a real eye-catcher in no time at all. Whether with glitter or animal patterns, a wide waist belt or one made of leather or lacquer – a belt just always works and the models are so different and versatile that there is definitely one to be found for every taste.

Combine Belts – The chain belt is back!

Chain belt outfit ideas leather jacket with jeans fashion trends 2020

The chain belt was already a total hit in the 90s, is making a big comeback this year and is an absolute must for every fashion-conscious woman. A chain belt gives every outfit a fresh touch and extravagance and provides a slightly rocking touch. Even if the choice of colors is rather small – the models in gold or silver are the most common – the accessory can be found in many different sizes and models. Whether simple and elegant or with pendants and other decorations, rather small or consisting of several chains – there is the right thing for every occasion and look. A leather jacket can be combined with the eye-catching belt in a particularly cool and chic way.

Chain belt outfit winter leather blazers combine fashion trends 2020

Or how about if you upgrade your classic outfit for the office with the accessory? In combination with an elegant blazer, a skirt or a dress, the chain belt creates an incredibly great contrast and style break. So that it really comes into its own, we recommend that you do not wear it under your tops like a normal belt, but over a blazer, skirt, etc..

Outfits with belts in a trendy animal print

Belt with leo pattern outfit ideas fashion trends 2020 women

Whether snake, zebra or leo patterns – the animal prints have been conquering the fashion world for years and there will be no way around them next year either. If you find the fashion trend a little too bold and flashy, you could also go for a narrow belt in a leopard pattern. As a result, you can give your outfits a very fresh and fashionable update, both for the office and for everyday life. A narrow belt looks particularly discreet and inconspicuous and can be combined incredibly easily with almost any item of clothing in your wardrobe. For a casual yet trendy look, you can combine, for example, a white shirt with mom jeans and a wild, animal belt.

Simple and elegant – belt with a circle buckle

Denim dress outfit winter belt with circle buckle combine overknee boots

Not only the width and the pattern of the belt, but also the buckle will add a different touch to your look. Discreet, classic and very elegant – belts with a circle buckle are currently very much in vogue and are a wonderful fashion statement. A narrow brown belt instantly turns a basic denim dress into a real eye-catcher. If the accessory is narrow enough, you can, for example, knot it very casually. However, if you want to put your feminine curves in the limelight, then you should reach for a wide belt and wear it at waist height.

Use the laces as a belt?

Shoelace Belt Trend 2020 Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas Winter

Would you like to give your outfit a cool upgrade without having to spend extra money on expensive accessories? Then the completely new and very unusual trend – the so-called shoelace belt – is just right for you. The good old shoelaces have been available in all sorts of colors and patterns for a long time and offer a super cool way to spice up your mom jeans outfit a little. But airy, romantic dresses can also be wonderfully combined with a shoelace belt. Simply tie the accessory around your waist and you’re ready to go!

Combine wide belts

Belt combine waist belt outfit fashion trends leather skirt

The eye-catching wide belts are also one of the most popular and trendy accessories for next year. However, the beautiful pieces are best suited for curvy and slim women who want to emphasize their curves and defined waists. The waist belts are available in countless colors and models, so that they go perfectly with both casual jeans and an outfit for the office.

Combine belts – more stylish ideas and inspiration

Belts combine leopard accessories trousers outfits winter

With a chic belt, you can perfectly visually subdivide a loose-fitting dress.

Belt combine fashion trends 2020 women maxi dresses outfits for office

So that the belt serves as a highlight in your outfit, keep it simple and simple with the rest. 

Belt combine waist belt outfit ideas winter fashion trends women

Combine the belt for an elegant outfit for the office

Belt with Circle Buckle Business Outfits Women Winter

We will continue to wear the extravagant belt bags next year.

Belt bags combine leather boots in leopard pattern outfits in winter

The accessories are the perfect way to put your waistline in the limelight.

Dress in leopard pattern winter outfit belt combine

A chain belt gives your business outfit that certain something.

Fashion trends 2020 leather skirt outfits combine boots with snake pattern chain belt

Mom jeans with a belt with a circle buckle – So simple, yet so stylish.

Mom Jeans Outfit Ideas Winter Oversized Cardigan Fashion Trends 2020

The chain belt is the icing on the cake for this romantic outfit.

Pleated skirt combine winter chain belt outfits turtleneck sweater in black

A shoelace belt is probably the easiest way to spice up your outfit.

Laces belt ideas wide trousers outfits winter fashion trends women

With a shimmering buckle, the trendy accessory could even be used as jewelry. 

Waist belt outfit ideas elegant red jumpsuit strapless fashion trends women

For the next year, the wide waist belts will be worn over the coat!

Waist belt outfits winter leather pants fashion trends 2020 women