Bag trends 2019: these are the must-haves for the coming autumn

Bags trends 2019 clutch long strap shoulder bag

No outfit is complete without the right handbag. From huge handbags to elegant clutches to tiny micro-bags: this autumn, the bag trends are particularly varied. Long forgotten shapes are experiencing a real comeback, playful details give the designs a kick and strong colors make even the simplest model an absolute eye-catcher. In the article, you can find out which It-Bags are very popular this autumn and which patterns are currently in fashion.

Bag trends 2019: These are the It models for the fall season

Bags trends autumn fashion accessories colors models

The clutch is experiencing a revival. Not boring: The small, stylish handbag will get an update in autumn. This season, the suitcase bags have become loyal companions of every fashion-conscious woman. The box-shaped handbags in small format can effectively complete the party outfit.

In the trade are also flat Clutch models offered. The saddle bags, for example, are enjoying growing popularity. They are offered with a long strap and can be worn as a shoulder bag or as a bum bag at waist height.

Tote bags, shoppers or tote bags: It’s hard to believe that the role model for these stylish XXL models is the shopping bag. Nowadays the modern designs are rather elegant. The only thing they have in common with their predecessor is the large capacity. Everything that you need in your everyday life fits inside.

Fall fashion trends quilted pocket t-shirt hat

Quilted bags are considered real classics. They are robust, very durable and weatherproof, so they are ideal for the rainy autumn days. The quilting makes the shoulder bags look voluminous and gives the otherwise simple model a kick. Real trendsetters opt for models that are also embellished with faux fur.

Rucksacks become a fashion accessory this fall. Creative prints, leather details and even rhinestones adorn the backpacks of the big fashion houses.

Bag trends 2019: these patterns are in fashion in autumn

Bags trends green crocodile leather autumn 2019

As far as the patterns are concerned, the bag trends for this fall are particularly varied. We summarize the highlights for the cold season for you:

Animal pattern are still very much in trend. The leopard pattern and the zebra stripes are guaranteed to draw everyone’s attention to the handbag. If the wild safari prints are too conspicuous for you, you can opt for models with integrated snake or crocodile patterns instead. They have already caused a lot of hype in the fashion world. The bloggers like to wear micro-bags or clutches with the trendy animal patterns. This is how the tiny models come into their own.

Logo prints have come to stay. The large-format logos have adorned the new models of the luxury brands for more than 4 years. The combination of a geometric print and the company logo on a backpack looks very effective. But the trendy shoppers in plain colors are also often pepped up with a logo.

Bags trends 2019 two-tone blue gray

Two-tone bags. If you can’t do anything with handbags with elaborate prints, but at the same time are fed up with the boring variants in plain colors, you can opt for a two-tone handbag.

Check pattern may finally be back in the spotlight this year. Whether in black and white or with red accents: the checked shoulder bags and toiletry bags are guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. The sporty and elegant accessories can be combined with shirt dresses, boyfriend jeans or culottes.

Put together fall clutch outfit styling tips

Chains adorn rucksacks, tote bags and clutches this year. If you are satisfied with your bag collection at home, but want to give the classic designs in the wardrobe a modern touch, then chains are a good choice.

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