Glasses trend 2019: Who are transparent glasses for and how do you combine them?

Transparent nerd glasses round perfect for oval or square faces

Transparent glasses are not a new invention in the eyewear industry. They made their grand entrance a few years ago. In 1945 Ingrid Bergman still wore such a model in Alfred Hitchcock’s film “I fight for you”! In the time of the progressive retro wave, it is no wonder that glasses with transparent frames are currently back in fashion. From young hipsters to old ladies and gentlemen – this type of glasses suits every type. Think of clear glasses as a chic alternative to traditional rimless glasses. They offer a similar “transparency” for a look-at-me-not-my-glasses effect, but the crystal-clear glasses frame gives the whole thing an undeniably funky touch.

For whom are transparent glasses ideal??

Transparent glasses dark hair skin who suits it

Transparent glasses are cool, trendy and go with almost every complexion and outfit. They can be completely colorless or just have a touch of color like pink, mint, blue, or beige. With their shiny crystal look, the glasses are almost invisible from a distance. Women love that they look almost like a highlighter that brightens the eye area and doesn’t throw any additional shadow on the face. Whether blonde, red or brown hair – glasses with a transparent look go with every hair color. Stars like Hailey Baldwin (blonde) prove that to us., Zoey Deutch (copper brown) and Kylie Jenner (black). Women over 50 can get away from it  Annette Bening, Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey inspire.

Transparent plastic glasses man with elongated face

But men also like to wear this fashionable accessory. These include celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman. In the film “Forever Adelaine” (2015) Harrison Ford wears round glasses with transparent acetate frames in a vintage style. It looks particularly harmonious with his gray hair and beard.

Choose the right shape of glasses!

Transparent glasses with acetate frame in cat-eye style Trend 2019

Choosing the right frame shape is important for every type of glasses. You should choose the opposite of your face shape. For example, a square or rectangular frame goes well with a round face, while glasses with round lenses are ideal for a square face. If you have an oval face, then you can be pleased: almost every shape of glasses suits oval faces. From classically stylish to cheeky modern – transparent glasses come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. Many well-known eyewear brands, such as Ray Ban, Versace, Dior, Gucci and Stella McCartney, have now taken up this trend. If you are looking for sleek minimalism with unsurpassed quality, then you can order such a model at

How can transparent glasses be optimally combined??

Transparent glasses, blonde hair, subtle make-up

So that your transparent glasses really come into their own, wear clothing in lighter shades. Clothing in dark tones distracts attention from your glasses and makes them invisible. A bright outfit attracts everyone’s attention to your face and your fashion accessory.

If you have blonde hair and fair skin, you should bring some color to your face. Put on darkly made-up lips or eye make-up in light pink or green tones. Choose the shade that best suits your eye color.

If you have dark hair, go for natural, light makeup. Heavy make-up and transparent glasses frames are a no-go.

If you as a man decide to wear transparent glasses, you should consider the following: the longer the beard, the more the glasses take a back seat. However, a short and well-groomed beard is always popular.

Transparent glasses round nerd glasses trend 2019

Always keep your clear glasses clean. Make-up residues in particular are immediately visible on a transparent frame. Soak the glasses in soapy water, then rinse the soap off under running water and dry them with a soft microfiber cloth. With the right care, you can enjoy your modern glasses for a long time!

Image source: CCo license

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How a handbag enhances any outfit: 7 trendy models for 2018

Clutch all-rounder ethno pattern red black white

Everyone knows the problem: you have nothing to wear and all your looks are boring. A few simple tricks usually help to upgrade the outfits. Small accessories can have a big impact. With the help of jewelry you can set an eye-catcher. Chain layering is particularly popular, in which you wear tags of different lengths with different pendants. You can also rely on statement pieces such as eye-catching earrings, a watch or hair accessories. Of course, the handbag should not be forgotten either. It is not for nothing that it is one of the favorite pieces of every woman. It rounds off every outfit perfectly and is an absolute eye-catcher. But which models and materials are totally in in 2018? And how do you combine these designs in order to enhance the outfit in the best possible way?

The see-through handbag

clear handbag acrylic accessories visible

In the coming season, not only transparent clothing is totally hip. The accessories also allow insights that are otherwise not possible. The transparent models are mostly made of plastic and are therefore waterproof and easy to care for. Wiping with a damp cloth should be enough. But think carefully about what you put in these handbags. Because not only the extravagant bag itself is an absolute eye-catcher. The content is also visible to everyone. Therefore, you can also make a statement with this one. These transparent versions are best combined to create a simple look and their colored content is an eye-catcher.

Fringed handbags velor muted colors


This trend also exists in 2018 for both clothing and handbags. Fringes are a popular element that adds movement to your outfit. In addition, fringed bags are real all-rounders when it comes to effect: Depending on the design, they can appear subtle or rocky. You can find such models at Beyeler. Bags with fringes are particularly suitable for simple outfits, as the decorative elements loosen them up. So you can, for example, the bags with a cardigan, chucks and a culottes meet.

XXL handbag black business outfit everyday

XXL bags

If you like to take a lot with you or are planning a shopping tour, you should reach for the new XXL bags. Oversized bags are all the rage right now and have hit the catwalks in Paris, London, New York and Co. With these copies you are equipped for every occasion. Everything you need on the go can be found in the oversize pockets. In addition to lipstick, wallet, hand cream, umbrella, pens, notepad, etc., there is still plenty of storage space in the huge models for further achievements of an extensive shopping marathon. The XXL bags are ideal for all occasions where you want to take a lot with you. Don’t overdo it, however: an overcrowded bag not only doesn’t look good, it’s also not healthy for your back. Due to its dimensions, the XXL bag will attract everyone’s attention anyway. Therefore you should combine them with a simple everyday outfit. Such a big eye-catcher in the outfit is completely sufficient.

Mini handbag shoulder metal handle

Mini bag

The small bags are ideal for those occasions when you don’t need a lot and want to take with you. That’s why they’re perfect for parties. The micro-pocket only fits what is really needed: money, smartphone, lipstick, keys and bank card. As a rule, you don’t need much more at parties. Versions like those from Valentino convince with their unusual design and are still very practical for going out. Simply combine the tiny it-pieces with an eye-catching party outfit. The XXS bags give your look the finishing touch. So you are sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Mini handbag vintage rose gray outfit

Multiple pockets

If the micro-bags do not offer you enough storage space and one handbag alone is not enough, then this trend is just right for you: several bags are carried at the same time. This not only provides more space to stow your utensils. Carrying multiple models also looks great. It is advisable to combine a mini bag with a midi bag. The realization of this trend works with all models, shapes and handle types. The designs can have different colors. It is only important that both variants are kept in the same style.

several pockets inside each other Micro Midi Bags

The clutch becomes an all-rounder

Clutches are known to perfectly round off any party dress. However, Mulberry shows in its latest collection that these handleless bags can also be worn in the office. These models are slightly larger than the ones intended for going out. In the business clutches, for example, you can fit a notebook as well as a folder. So you are perfectly equipped for the office and can be optimally combined with a business outfit. In addition, the designs are an absolute eye-catcher in everyday life.

Clutch handleless gold everyday spring outfit

Round models

Fashion designers such as Chloé, Mulberry and Galliano show that bags don’t have to have rough edges. The circular models are very trendy. In addition, they are real all-rounders: You can not only wear the round versions with elegant and chic looks. Even with a hippie outfit, this accessory gives your look the finishing touch.

round handbags trend hippie flair

Images: © / CC0

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How to tie a tie – the 4 most important knots with simple instructions

Tie tie -chic-suit-black-flower-pattern

A tie is part of the business wardrobe, but it is also part of the elegant style of clothing. It is an indispensable accessory for a shirt and suit that sets an accent and an individual touch. Not only the design of the tie, which should be matched to the outfit, is particularly important, but also the knot with which it is tied. It often happens that at festivities, special occasions, an interview or generally in tight time situations, one quickly gets into stress if one is not really trained in tying a tie. So that you can put your new tie in the limelight, we provide the 4 most important knots with simple instructions.

Successfully tie the tie


A tie can be tied in a total of 85 ways, according to the English physicist Dr. Thomas Fink found out. Don’t let this variety put you off. Of course you don’t have to master all tie knots, but every man should be able to tie the two most important knots – the four-in-hand and the simple Windsor knot. On festive occasions, the more elaborate types of ties also come into their own.

Tie a tie – four-in-hand knot

Tie a tie-chic-modern-elegant-suit-outfit

The four-in-hand knot is one of the basic tie knots and it is one of the most popular. It owes its popularity mainly to its simple way of tying it and its timeless look. It is equally suitable for every occasion, for leisure time, but also for business meetings. Whether thin or rather wide, every tie can be tied nicely in this way. In addition, the four-in-hand knot is available to both tall and medium-sized men. The clear pro point is that it can be tied with one hand and perhaps that’s why it was called a “simple knot”.

Four-in-hand knot instructions


  1. Place the wide end of the tie over the narrow one.
  2. Pass the wide end of the tie behind the narrow end to the right and then to the left.
  3. Pull the broad end up to the neck and then pull it back down through the loop that has been created.
  4. The knot is already done. Now just slide it up to the top button of your shirt until the tie fits correctly.

Tie a Tie – Simple Windsor Knot


This simple tie knot is an elegant all-rounder that the Duke of Windsor made particularly popular in the 1930s. The Windsor knot is slightly more voluminous and bulbous than the four-in-hand knot. It is characterized by a conical, symmetrical shape and is particularly suitable for shirts that sit close to the neck. It comes into its own with a shark collar. For this you should choose a narrow tie made of a material that is not too voluminous. Whether for a festive or professional occasion, the gentleman look is perfectly completed with a simple Windsor knot.

Easy Windsor Knot Instructions


  1. Place the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and then pull it towards the neck.
  2. Guide the wide end behind the narrow one.
  3. Next, bring the wide end back in front of the narrow one and pull it towards the neck again.
  4. Now a loop is created. In this way, lead the wide end of the tie back down.
  5. Pull up to the top button of your shirt and the simple Windsor knot is in place.

Tie Tie – Double Windsor Knot


The double Windsor knot is actually not very easy to tie because of the many entanglements. But with a little practice, even beginners will certainly be able to perform it. The ideal tie for this is narrow, unlined and long, because the knot itself is a bit more voluminous. The pattern and color should be subtle and the shirt – with a collar that is not too narrow, otherwise the collar tips will rise due to the size of the knot. The double Windsor knot looks best on medium or short men. Tall men with a rather broad face and neck should generally refrain from doing this and opt for a narrower knot variant such as the four-in-hand.

Double Windsor Knot Instructions


  1. Let a large part of the wide end hang down on the right side. Guide the wide end of the tie with your right hand to the left over the narrow end and then grasp it with your left hand.
  2. Guide the wide end from left to right under the narrow one, towards the neck and then through the loop to the bottom right.
  3. Grab the wide end and fold it around half the knot to the left. Now take the same end with your left hand, feed it from below through the loop around the neck and at the same time through the back of the knot.
  4. Pull the broad end forward over the half-finished knot. Take its point, stick it under the outer layer of the knot and pull it all the way through.

    Finally, carefully align the knot.

Tie a bow tie


As an alternative to the tie, more and more men are choosing a bow tie to stand out from the crowd, to show style and cheerfulness. In addition, a bow tie is much more conventional than a tie and can not only be worn in classic black with a tuxedo or white with a tailcoat, but on almost any occasion and it always looks chic. While this post is about tying a tie, we’d also like to explain the easiest way to tie a bow tie.

Bow tie tying instructions


  1. Turn up the collar of the shirt. Place the bow tie around your neck.
  2. Pull the left end of the loop four inches further down than the right. Bring the right end over the left end and pull it through the loop from below.
  3. Shape the shorter end into a horizontal loop with the index finger and thumb of your left hand.
  4. Let the longer end fall down to the front and place the index finger of your right hand on it, then slide it up behind the front loop and put it through the knot.
  5. Align the two ends and tighten the knot.


A chic tie should not be missing for an elegant, smart look. Narrow or wide, monochrome or patterned – that makes a difference. Just as not every tie is appropriate for every occasion, not every tie knot looks great with every tie. In order for this exciting partnership to really succeed, a little more attention is required in the selection. A large knot like the double Windsor combined with a shark collar shirt gives seriousness. Elegant finishes made of silk or an opulent fabric, preferred for special occasions, achieve a balanced effect when they are narrow and tied in four-in-hand or simple Windsor knots.


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Make hair accessories yourself – 3 great ideas with instructions

Make hair accessories yourself -instructions-hairclips-leather-pinwheel-tinker-girl-hair

Do you dream of a change in hairstyle? But you are afraid of parting your long mane. Are you invited to a girl’s birthday and have no ideas for a suitable gift? We have something for you that would always be a good solution – Make hair accessories yourself. Take a look at the three DIY instructions and try them out!

Make hair accessories yourself – make creative pinwheel hair clip

Make hair accessories yourself -instructions-hairclips-leather-pinwheel-tinker-violet-girl-hair-tie

Great idea and easy to do by tying the girl’s hair with beautiful hair clips. It can be done quickly and easily that this is an important point for the busy parents. Create creative hair accessories for your girl or as a gift. We show how to do it!

Make hair accessories yourself – decorate your hair clip for a girl’s hairstyle yourself

Make your own hair accessories -instructions-hairclips-leather-pinwheel-tinker

Make small pinwheels and use them to decorate simple hair clips. For this purpose, you can use leftover leather or get small pieces. Cut out squares according to the size of the bobby pins.

Make hair accessories yourself – useful materials

Make hair accessories yourself -instructions-hairclips-leather-pinwheel-hot glue

On one side, mark the diagonal and cut in the mark, but not to the end, so that the square stays whole.

Tinker decorative windmills from leftover leather

Make hair accessories yourself -instructions-hairclips-leather-pinwheel-creative-gray

Use hot glue to fix all of the same four outside corners in the middle. This creates a decorative pinwheel that you can attach to the hair clip.

Make your own decorative pinwheels as hair accessories from square pieces of leather


For a perfect touch, you can stick a button or pearl in a matching color in the center of the wind turbine. Our tip: make pairs of hair clips in the same shade so that a wonderful set is created.

Make creative hair accessories yourself – great girl hairstyle


Make hair accessories yourself – decorate your hair comb in gold


Gold in your hair doesn’t necessarily mean you should dye your hair blonde. Homemade hair accessories with gold accents and details would go with any hair color.

Make hair accessories yourself – materials: hair comb, decorative ribbon, thread, pearls 


Get a hair comb or two for the set, decorative ribbon in gold, in the instructions with leaves, nylon thread, which beads and sequins to decorate.

Sew the golden ribbon with leaves on the hair comb


Sew the decorative tape to the hair comb with the nylon thread. Make sure that as little thread as possible remains on the visible side.

Decorate the hair comb with gold pearls and sequins


Lastly, you can add pearls, sequins and small stones to make the hair comb even more glamorous.

Make your own decorative hair comb


Combine the golden hair comb with a matching outfit or jewelry. Our tip: make a hair comb set for the ultimate end to your vision.

Make hair accessories yourself – decorate your hair comb with a peacock feather

hair accessories-do-it-yourself-ideas-instructions-boho-peacock-feather-hair-comb

Boho chic in your hair with what feathers and romantic stones, why not ?! A hair comb with a splendid decoration can transform the simple hairstyle into the ultimate eye-catcher. Make such a simple and straightforward one.

Useful materials – hair comb, peacock feather, beads, glue, scissors, thread and felt


For a beautiful peacock hair comb you would need peacock feather, scissors, glue, thread in blue or green (nylon thread is also possible), which glittering stones and a piece of felt in blue or green.

Make beautiful hair accessories yourself 

hair accessories-do-it-yourself-ideas-instructions-hair comb-pffau-feather-stones-boho

Cut out the eye out of the peacock feather and fix it with transparent glue on the felt. Decorate with the glitter and pebbles. After the glue has completely dried out, carefully cut out the resulting shape so that the felt remains almost invisible and acts as a kind of background.

Have fun doing handicrafts!

* See full instructions for leather hair clip with decorative pinwheels here

* Please see the complete instructions for the Golden Leaf Hair Comb here

* creative DIY idea of Made peachy decorate the hair comb with peacock feather

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The fedora hat – a timeless must-have accessory

Fedora hat -bordo-vogue-streetstyle-coat-gray-wool-chanel-bag

Of the Fedora hat is a timeless fashion accessory and has been known since the late 19th century. At that time it was worn by the upper classes of society, usually men. At first it was a hat made of soft felt, which was pinched in the front and on both sides. Later many similar hats made of straw or cloth were included under this designation.

Fedora hat – a timeless accessory

Fedora hat -brown-beige-skirt-long-cardigan-vintage-20s

Today the fedora hat is a must-have accessory! The celebrities, whether women or men, wear it on every occasion. It is a matter of taste whether you put on a hat and it takes a little courage. Fedora just looks classy, ​​and not without reason. The name of the hat comes from a play in which the main actress Fedorá wore such a hat.

The classic models are made of felt in black, beige, brown or gray and sometimes have a leo print and are equipped with a narrow bow around the crown of the hat. The accessory can be worn in autumn or spring, but also on summer days.

Classic fedora hats can be tastefully combined with different items of clothing

Fedora hat -beige-coat-wool-pattern-blue-bag-city-beautiful-woman

Our tip: It is not easy to find a model that fits your face shape and head size. It’s probably just as difficult as finding the right sunglasses. If you ultimately decide to wear a fedora hat, it is best to wear your hair down. If you don’t want to do without your hair tied up, then knot it loosely at the nape of the neck. Match all your clothing to your hat, both in terms of color and style. Fedora goes well with dresses with a straight silhouette, elegant suits, classic shirts and trousers with wide legs or with simple clothes in Boho style.

Fedora in black with a very large border

Fedora hat -black-lace-crop-top-blond-slim-pink-wall

Take a look at our top styling inspirations with fedora hats and get ideas to imitate!

Colored variant

Fedora hat-berry color-autumn-spring-leather jacket-jeans-leotasche

Fedora made of straw is a nice accessory for the boho look

Fedora hat -beige-streetstyle-summer-two-piece-pattern-crop-

Fedora is a favorite accessory of many celebrities

Fedora hat -flowers-boho-airy-shirt-shorts-smile-beautiful-babymiranda-kerr

Fedora in Bordeaux is a classic variant and becomes the focus of the outfit

Fedora hat -bordo-tasteful-ballerinas-poncho-olivia-palermo

Fedora hat -bordo-streetstyle-jeans-pumps-scarf-shirt-white

Rosie Huntington Whiteley always has her fedora with her when she travels

Fedora hat -brown-casuyl-leoprint-bag-leather jacket-jewelry-rosie-huntington-whiteley

Romantic look for autumn and spring with a brown hat and a casual sweater

Fedora hat -brown-autumn-red-boots-black-trousers-brown-top

Sarah Jessica Parker color-coordinated the hat and sneakers for a perfect street style

Fedora hat -brown-sunglasses-mirrored-sneakers-jenas-white-sweater-font-Sarah-Jessica-Parker

Nice and casual with a denim jacket, sweater, jeans

Fedora hat -brown-streetstyle-denim jacket-sweater-boho-jeans-casual

Fedora can also be put on in summer

Fedora hat -dark brown-zara-white-dress-summer-basket-city

An elegant, black and white outfit

Fedora hat -elegant-skirt-striped-black-white-coat-sunglasses-pumps-

Fedora hat -grey-felt-sweater-pants-white-sneaker-bag-blue

fedora-hat-green-assos-streetstyle-red-high heels-leather pants-fringes



















fedora-hat-black-boho-chic-flower-coat-city-eyeliner-high heels



fedora-hat-black-high heels-gray-top-pink-glitter-mini-skirt


fedora-hat-black-leather pants-shirt-flowing-fabric-Nicole-richie







fedora-hat-black-streetstyle-leather jacket-patent leather shoes-leather bag-bicycle









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Large beach towel with a round shape for optimal comfort

Large beach towel -xxl-large-white-sandal-straw hat-sunglasses-parasol-sand-pillow

Has it ever happened to you that you had to turn the beach towel several times a day while sunbathing in order to be able to lie in the direction of the sun? Sometimes it can be annoying when you want to make the most of the shade under the parasol. A large beach towel can be really useful in this case. XXL beach towels are not only used for beach holidays, but also for excursions, picnics or hiking. But what shape should the large blanket ideally have so that it offers optimal comfort?

Large beach towel with a round shape and a hole for a parasol

Large beach towel -white-parasol-pillow-straw hat-sun-vacation-sand

A French designer has dealt extensively with this question. He grew up on the coast and addressed this problem. The result is a large beach towel with a round shape and a hole in the middle for the parasol. The circular shape offers optimal comfort in the shade, as you do not have to constantly change the lying position with the blanket. There is also enough space for at least two people. Versions with a diameter of up to 300 cm offer enough space for the whole family and are equally suitable for picnics.

Large beach towel with a round shape ensures optimal comfort on summer vacation

Large beach towel -white-round-parasol-pillow-sun-vacation-lying-relax

The fabric used is a soft blend of linen and cotton with a special honeycomb structure that promises exceptional lightness. This beach towel dries quickly, is easy to care for and has a touch of casual hippie style in it. It is offered in a cream-white color and is available for 122 euros.

Round design for casual summer days on the beach

beach towel-xxl-large-white-parasol-sun-uralub-sunbathing-pillow-relax-comfort

The white color does not absorb any additional heat


Round shape ensures optimal comfort during sunny days


Enjoy the sun on the beach with functional accessories

beach towel-xxl-large-white-round-sun-sand-woman-vacation-straw hat-relax

Blanket for summer vacation for comfort when sunbathing

beach towel-xxl-large-white-sand-woman-sunglasses-relax-uralub-sun

Beach accessories in white do not absorb additional heat


Hippie chic on the beach with accessories made of natural fabric


Mixed fabric with a honeycomb structure


Casual accessories for a relaxed vacation

beach-towel-xxl-large-white-woman-bikini-straw hat-vacation-relax-sand

* a project by Аrchi_pixels and you can here Find

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Tie a tube scarf and style it skillfully: Tips and instructions

Whether called a loop, round or tube scarf, it’s about a multi-faceted necklace that has proven to be an inseparable accessory, especially in winter or in the transitional period. In English it is called “Infinity Scarf” and the name refers to the typical “infinite” shape of the scarf. It’s not rectangular in shape, as usual, but the two ends are connected and the piece of fabric looks more than a tunnel. A tube scarf can be tied in many different ways. The wrapping techniques with the loop scarf and how to style it skillfully are presented in the article.

Tie a tube scarf round scarf loop scarf style fashionably

Tube scarf, round scarf and loop scarf

Tie a loop scarf loop scarf ideas style tips fashion

Scarves and shawls are more popular today than ever. From silk to cotton to knitwear, they are available in a wide variety of designs and suitable for every season. Made of coarse, thick structures in winter and in the form of fine silk scarves in summer, the necklace has proven to be the perfect rounding off of every outfit. In addition, a round scarf is equally suitable for women and men.

What is tube scarf?

Loop scarf tie round scarf loop scarf what is

Usually a conventional scarf has two ends. As the English name “Infinity Scarf” suggests, the tube scarf, on the other hand, has no end. So you don’t have to knot it artfully so that it sits nicely on your neck. It is simply pulled over the head and wrapped once or several times if desired. It is particularly practical when the scarf has a certain length and width. There are several options for tying and styling.

Tie a tube scarf

Tie a tube scarf round scarf loop scarf ideas styling tips

A tube scarf can keep the neck warm and at the same time fulfill the function of a fashion accessory. Depending on the situation, there are designs made of fine knit, easy-care polyacrylic in beautiful trendy colors and also made of viscose. If you choose a suitable pattern and color for your outfit, a loop scarf is perfect for everyday wear and can also be adapted to any style of clothing.

Make your own scarf – 30 ideas for scarves from old T-shirts

How stars wear their scarf in autumn – 26 examples

19 great ways to tie a scarf + instructions

Tying a tube scarf: instructions and tips

Tie a tube scarf round scarf wear a loop scarf long style

The slightly shorter loop scarves are relatively short. That’s why you can just pull them over your head and you’re done. Either the warmth function or simply the beautiful design comes to the fore and it is important to match the color of the scarf to the clothing.

Tube scarf

A Risen tube scarf, on the other hand, can be wrapped around the neck several times. The voluminous models made of knitted wool are particularly popular in autumn and winter and are a flexible alternative to thick sweaters. If necessary, the scarf can be handed over to the cloakroom. Because you shouldn’t necessarily sit down at the desk in the office with it.

Tie a tubular scarf style a round scarf short a loop scarf

In bad weather and when it is pulling outside, it is advisable to tie the scarf as tightly as possible around the neck and put on a jacket or coat over it. You can simply put the loop scarf on the back of your neck and pull both ends forward, then pull one loop through the other. There should be a knot in the front. This can then be pulled as tightly around the neck as you want it to be and keeps you comfortably warm.

Tie a wide loop scarf like a poncho

Tie a tube scarf style a round scarf loop scarf shoulder

A tube scarf can keep you as warm as a thick sweater and can also be tied as a short poncho. A scarf that gently covers the shoulders looks particularly chic over a thin blouse or a simple top. Depending on how big the scarf is, it can be tied in two different ways, which we showed in the drawings above and below.

Loop scarf to tie round scarf loop scarf throw over instructions idea

A pretty scarf works just like jewelry. In a beautiful color or with playful motifs, it is able to enhance the whole look. For everyone whose daily outfit consists of jeans and a simple top, the simple outfit is immediately spiced up with a scarf and given a can of chic. The main advantage of a loop model is that it is much easier to tie: just wrap it around your neck twice and you’re done.

Loop scarf tie round scarf loop scarf instruction idea

A tube scarf is also an inexpensive way to freshen up your wardrobe. Because it’s easier to invest in a scarf than in a new coat or jacket. In addition, the classic cut is quickly spiced up with a colored cloth. This also applies to the men, who can also wear tube scarves.

Loop scarf tie round scarf loop scarf top summer

A tube scarf is a nice accessory for the summer too. You will definitely opt for light fabrics such as viscose, pure cotton or linen. Large, thin towels like to accompany us on the beach in the form of brightly patterned pareos.

Tie a tube scarf and style it skillfully

Tie loop scarf round scarf loop scarf styles outfits fashion

A tube scarf can go with any style of clothing if you match the color of the outfit. Many patterns and motifs from the past are celebrating a comeback today, which is why it is also worth rummaging through your mother’s or even your grandmother’s wardrobe for forgotten treasures. There is sure to be a nice piece of high quality fabric that is in again now.

Tie loop scarf loop scarf street fashion jersey

A universal fabric that goes with every season is jersey or the so-called T-shirt fabric. This feels particularly pleasant on the skin and is also ideal for loop scarves. For those who are into practical fashion and not really into scarves, this young and fashionable variant is the perfect compromise.

Make a tube scarf yourself

Tie a tube scarf make a loop scarf yourself sewing instructions

If you can’t find a suitable tube scarf for yourself, there is the option of lending a hand and creating one yourself. It’s easy to do if you already have a nice piece of fabric. Depending on whether the fabric is thick enough and the back should remain visible, the scarf can also be sewn twice or, if desired, different fabrics can be used for the two sides.

Sewing a tube scarf: instructions

Tie a tube scarf make a loop scarf yourself sew

If you have a sewing machine at home, a tube scarf can be sewn in a few minutes. You need two wide strips of fabric that you have to sew together first, or just one large one. Then you sew the two ends together and you’re done. It is only important that you get a clean seam and that you do not sew the “tunnel” from the inside to the end. So you can turn it around and hide the seam.

Make a tube scarf yourself: without sewing

Tie a tube scarf make a loop scarf yourself

You can also make a tube scarf yourself without sewing. This will require a traditional rectangular scarf that is long enough that you could wrap it around your neck once or twice. 160 cm in length is usually sufficient. Then you just have to tie the two ends and you’re done!

Tie a tube scarf for nursing mothers

Tying a tubular scarf loop scarf breastfeeding

A wide tube scarf has a different and particularly practical application than just decorating the neck. If it is wide enough and also made of a stable, soft material such as jersey, it is perfect for discreet breastfeeding in public. For the rest of the time, mom wears it stylishly as a scarf.

Loop scarf tie round scarf loop scarf long knit

Loop scarf tie round scarf loop scarf hood

Loop scarf tie round scarf loop scarf short winter knit

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Bowen Belt Knife – A practical accessory for men

bowen belt knife leather brown black metal

If you are looking for a belt, we would like to suggest this great idea. The practical accessory combines a leather belt with a knife. The so-called Bowen belt knife stowed away in such a way that it is not visible, and in addition it does not take up any space in your man’s pocket or trouser pocket. The leather belt, on the other hand, not only has its typical function, but also ensures a stylish look.

Bowen Belt Knife – Brown Leather Belt

accessory men belt buckle knife leather brown

Bowen Knife Company sells this ingenious and practical combination of a knife, buckle and leather belt. Most knives are actually difficult to hide or carry around, but this handy Bowen belt knife can be quickly removed from the belt buckle if necessary. This is a unique accessory that gives men the opportunity to bring two essential elements together in one stylish package. When it comes to design, you have the choice between 4 different and unique types of knives. The leather belt is in turn tailor-made according to the wishes of the customer and sold separately from the Bowen belt knife. All in all, you get a really extraordinary accessory that can be used in many situations.

Bowen Belt Knife – The knife is also the belt buckle

belt buckle metal knife bowen men

Now look at the way the Bowen Belt Knife works. We have put together a few pictures. There you can also see that the knife can also be used as a bottle opener. But see for yourself!

The Bowen belt is made to measure

men's belt leather brown accessory knife

Black belt with Bowen knife

bowen belt knife leather design modern practical buckle

The Bowen knife can be conveniently stowed in the belt

bowen belt knife accessory men tailor-made

The Bowen knife in the shape of a buckle

knife design practical bowen metal buckle

Belt knife from Bowen Knife Company.

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