Your Guide to “See Now, Buy Now” Fashion

Everyone has been talking about “see now, buy now” and consumer facing fashion shows since December but now that it’s fashion week even more people are talking about it. I thought I’d give you guys a guide as to what “see now, buy now” fashion shows are, who is doing them, and why they are being considered.

CFDA Annouces New York Fashion Week Reevaluation

This is where all the “see now, buy now” talk started. On December 15th, the CFDA announced that it would be working with Boston Consulting Group to reevaluate fashion week’s current schedule. Fashion week currently shows collections six months ahead of time but if the CFDA updates New York Fashion Week’s schedule, it could mean that brands will begin showing collections in their current season and have clothing available shortly, if not immediately, after the show.

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Burberry Adopts “See Now, Buy Now” Business Model

Last month, Burberry announced that its next show in September will be a “see now, buy now” show. The brand apparently wants its clothing to be available both in stores and online immediately after its shows, much in the way that Versus Bersace already does.

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Tom Ford and Vetements to Have In Season Shows

Hours after Burberry announced it would show its next shows would be consumer facing, Tom Ford and French brand Vetements annouced that they, too, would show their collections in season and have them be immediately available after the show.

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French Fashion Executives Vote Against In Season Shows

Last week there were reports that French executives from Dior, Hermès, Chanel, and Saint Laurent have all voted against “see now, buy now” shows. Though, Ralph Toledano, president of French fashion’s governing federation, did say that the business model works well for “marketing-driven brands”.

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Two New Prada Bags Released Same Week of Show

Prada announced that two of its new handbag styles would be available at select outlets on Friday, just a couple of days after its show on Wednesday. The rest of the brand’s collection will still only be available in six months after the show September, though.

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Karl Lagerfeld Calls “See Now, Buy Now” A Mess

Karl Legerfeld does not like the new business model as he thinks that people need to be able to decide what they want to buy. Lagerfeld says that brands “300 shops like Fendi” would be able to have a in season shows and have the clothing immediately available but brands with without retail stores “don’t know what to do.” He also said that he makes a collection for Chanel every year that is not shown to buyer or editors before it is available in stores.

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