Your Guide to Fashion’s Recent Resignations and New Hires

It seems as if every creative director is resigning from their brand and every brand is hiring a new one. It may be a little difficult to stay updated on who is going where in fashion so I thought I’d bring you all a guide to all of fashion’s recent resignations and new hires but before I list the articles about the recent resignations, let’s go over the most notable ones of last year.

Most of this began when Alexander Wang left Balenciaga. He didn’t renew his contract with the brand and resigned as creative director to work on his own brand. Then Donna Karen resigned as chief designer of Donna Karen International, Gucci hired a new creative director, and Ralph Lauren resigned as CEO of his own brand. All of those resignations and new hires were in early 2015 and during the summer. Then the holiday season began and that’s when everyone started resigning from their brands.

Raf Simons resigned from Dior and Alber Elbaz resigned from Lanvin about a week later. While they weren’t the first, they were some of the most notable of fashion’s recent resignations. There were then a couple of rumors about who would replace Simons and Elbaz from Sarah Burton to Olivier Rousting. In January, there was a rumor that Anthony Vaccarello would be replacing Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent. After all that, many other people began resigning from their brands.

Stefano Pilati Leaves Zegna

In February, Stefano Pilati announced he’d be resigning as the creative director of Ermenegildo Zegna. Pilate released a statement in which he said he was leaving the brand to work on other projects. After his resignation at Zegna, Pilati was rumored to be replacing Alber Elbaz.

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Phoebe Philo Not Leaving Céline

There were many rumors that Phoebe Philo would be leaving Céline but there was apparently an “internal memo” that was seen by staff at WWD that was signed by CEO of Céline, Marco Gobetti and Philo that said they “are more motivated and committed than ever to their partnership and will continue to create beautiful products.”

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Bouchra Jarrar Replaces Alber Elbaz

After many rumors of who would replace him and all the negative reviews of the brand’s latest collection, Lanvin finally found someone to replace Alber Elbaz. Bouchra Jarrar is Lanvin’s new creative director but she will only be working on the brand’s womenswear collections instead of working on menswear as well like Elbaz. So, Lanvin is still looking for someone to design its menswear collections.

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Massimiliano Giornetti Leaves Salvatore Ferragamo

Massimiliano Giornetti left menswear brand Slavatore Ferragamo last month. Instead of trying to simply find someone to replace Giornetti, Salvatore Ferragamo wants its in-house atelier to design its next collection, much in the way Dior had its in-house atelier design its latest collection and its next collection.

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Hedi Slimane Leaves Saint Laurent

There were rumors of Hedi Slimane leaving Saint Laurent in January because Slimane did not renew his contract with the brand. About a week later, Saint Laurent released a statement saying that Slimane was not resigning. Though, last week Kering announced that Hedi Slimane has resigned as creative director of Saint Laurent.

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Anthony Vaccarello Replaces Hedi Slimane

Yesterday, Kering announced that Anthony Vaccarello will replace Hedi Slimane as creative director of Saint Laurent. This also means that Vaccarello has resigned as creative director of Versus Versace.

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Those are most of fashion’s recent resignations and new hires. There were a couple of other resignations from menswear brands but they weren’t as notable as the ones listed here.

So, what do you think? Did you enjoy this guide to fashion’s recent resignations or are there other resignations or new hires I should’ve included in this list? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Imstagram, and Snapchat.

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