Women’s Crop Tops for Every Body Type

Every woman has a different body type. Media may celebrate certain shapes over others but the truth of the matter is that beauty comes from the way you carry yourself. It’s confidence that makes every one of us radiant. One of the ways we get our sense of empowerment from is our clothes. It does, of course, help to know the body shape (or shapes!) that you fall under and Style Craze has listed 12 categories so that you can shop according to what’s most flattering on you.

It’s unfortunate that most garments aren’t designed with every silhouette in mind, though, there are a few gems out there that no woman can go wrong with.

Specifically, women’s crop tops.

Some ladies have been conditioned to believe that midriffs only have defined abs and zero evidence of love handles but a rather small percentage of the female population actually has that.


Skinny pop icons in the 2000s like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears made us feel like that was the ideal body type for these tiny tops but women of different shapes and sizes continue to prove this isn’t true by rocking the crop top.

Maybe even better than those with a flat stomach, as Bustle showcases how good curvy women can look in this piece.

Because of the crop top’s ability to adjust to any silhouette, editors that have curated a collection of tops on Lyst have named it as a wardobe essential.

If you’re new to women’s crop tops, don’t fret too much about how much midriff the garment bares. Instead, take a cue from those stylish editors for some outfit inspiration:

With Mom Jeans

Any pair of high waisted, baggy jeans or skin tight jeans provides enough coverage for anyone with a more modest fashion sense. Whether you opt for a looser top or one that hugs your chest, this is an unbeatable combination.

With Overalls

Turn this childhood staple into an age appropriate ensemble with a tight crop top! The skin peeking at the side is tasteful, but feel free to unbuckle one of the shoulders for a sexier look.

With a Midi Skirt

The ultimate tummy concealer that also improves the curvy look, a flared midi skirt is a perfect match for a crop top.

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