Women Plan to Buy Coach Bags in Next Couple of Months

Women are planning to purchase a Coach handbag within the next couple of months, according to a survey by Baird Equity Research.

According to an article on The Fashion Law, Baird Equity Research surveyed 500 women in the United States about their tastes in handbags. 43% of women said “yes” or “maybe” when asked if they would purchase a Coach bag in the next three to six months.

Analyst Mark Altschwager expects sales to increase towards the end of the year and continue to increase through 2017.

Altschwager released a statement saying, “we believe our survey points to stronger purchase intent for Coach — especially in the outlet channel — adding confidence to the sustainability of Coach’s comp recovery.”


This is pretty good given that the brand’s annual sales had declined by $1 billion in 2015.

The brand’s decreasing sales are most likely due to a “decline in its brand’s appeal, thanks in large part to market saturation of its “C” logo on both authentic and counterfeit goods”, according to The Fashion Law.

It seems as if creative director Stuart Vevers and CEO Victor Luis have made the brand’s sales increase, though.

Most of the brand’s handbags don’t have the Coach monogram all over them like they would’ve a couple of years ago. Most of the bags are actually quite minimalistic. The monogram seems to mostly be on the brand’s small leather goods and accessories.

Also, the brand’s ready to wear collections have been getting written about and reviewed more lately by fashion editors on websites like Vogue and WWD.

The brand’s handbags are in demand and will probably be more in demand when more women buy them.

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