Top 4 Tips to Stay Warm During Winter

I’ve spoken about what I want to wear during the winter and about the accessories you need to stay good-looking in winter. While those are great tips, I still haven’t talked about the most important thing you need to do during winter which is stay warm. That’s why today we’re going over what you need to stay warm weather you look good or not.


The first thing you’ll need is a good pair of gloves. I said it before in my must-have winter accessories post and I’ll say it again, you need some leather gloves. Gloves made of cotton are okay but they just don’t do as well of a job as leather gloves. Plus, leather gloves will help keep your hands moisturized where cotton gloves let them dry out. Also, do yourself a favor and get ones that cover your wrist. That way you can tuck the extra fabric into your coat.

Next, you’ll need to wear layers. Wearing an undershirt or wearing some thermals will help. I know underclothing might not look good with your short-sleeve shirt or your pants that only go down to the top of your ankle but you shouldn’t be wearing clothes like that in the winter anyway. Vogue thinks that wearing outfits that expose your skin during the winter is a good look or that open-toe shoes in cold weather are situational but it’s not a good idea. You should be staying warm.

Another important thing to have is a nice pair of winter shoes. Whether they are boots or sneakers, they should have thick materials so they keep your toes warm. Wearing something like a pair of slip-on shoes during winter is not going to help nor will open-toe shoes. It’s worth it to invest in a pair or two of winter shoes because warming up your toes without taking off your shoes is very difficult.

Lastly, you’ll need to get some cozy socks. Cozy socks are made from warmer, thicker materials and they are usually softer than regular socks too. They were really popular among women but now many stores sell cozy socks for men. These socks usually aren’t worm out so they’re more of an at-home kind of accessory but they are necessary regardless. It doesn’t matter how comfy your slippers are, these will help keep your feet much warmer.

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