Will Fashion People Wear the New Apple Watch?

Apple held its annual iPhone event last week and announced three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch. The new iPhones looked like the iPhone X but the Apple Watch was redesigned.

The new Apple Watch looks pretty similar to the older ones but the corners are more curved and it’s thinner. It also comes in gold. It’s not the $10,000 gold Apple Watch Edition that was released a few years ago but it’s still gold. Apple also released a new gold Milanese Loop.

It still looks similar to the old ones but it looks new and people always get new or redesigned products. More people might get it because of the new design. More people always get new iPhones when they are redesigned rather than get the ones that look like the old one but with updates.

The corners are rounder, which makes it look new. It’s also thinner, which not only makes it look new as well but might work better with your wardrobe. Smartwatches are usually large so a thinner one is a lot better.


It’s also gold, which everyone always gets the new color. When gold was released on the iPhone 5S everyone got it and when Rose Gold was released on the iPhone 6S everyone got it. Especially fashion people. There’s also the new gold Milanese Loop, which everyone got the Milanese Loop when the Apple Watch was released.

Fashion people don’t consider the Apple Watch a fashionable product. Pretty much no one in the fashion industry wears them. The don’t even wear the Apple Watch Hermès. There may be some models wearing them on the runway or a celebrity wearing one but not many people do.

Anna Wintour wears one because she loves Apple products. Some other editors and designers have worn them but they’re not being worn by the most popular people in the fashion industry. The most popular models aren’t wearing them, street style bloggers aren’t wearing them, and most celebrities aren’t wearing them.

Since they aren’t that popular with models, street style blogger, and celebrities, fashion people aren’t wearing them. It was, however, redesigned and it could become more popular with fashion people.

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