Why the Apple Watch Needs More Fashion Partnerships

Apple recently announced the Apple Watch Series 2 at their annual iPhone event last week. With that, the company announced a partnership with Nike and new colors and bands for the Apple Watch Hermès. What the brand didn’t announce was a new partnerships with a fashion brand other than Hermès. They should have and here’s why.

When the Apple Watch was first announced, Apple promoted the device not only as a new gadget but as a new fashion accessory. The watch was being worn by models on cover of magazines.  appltThen, fashion icons and models started wearing it. People like Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Karlie Kloss and more. After that, Apple partnered with Christy Turlington Burns to promote the watch before launch.

Later in the year, Apple announced the Apple Watch Hermès. Apple’s partnerships with the French brand accredited the watch as both a tech accessory and fashion accessory. The watch, however, still wasn’t that popular among fashionistas.

Apple has since refreshed the watch twice. The company released new colors for the Apple Watch Hermès bands in April and released new colors and new bands last week. Releasing new colors for the device is good but refreshing the fashion branded watch won’t be enough to get fashion to like the watch. What Apple needs to do is partner with more brands.


If Apple were to partner with more fashion brands, the Apple Watch would become so much more popular in fashion. People would see watch bands in styles from their favorite brands and they would probably be more willing to spend over $1,000 on it.

Fashionistas often spend well over that amount on luxury accessories like Cartier love bracelets, Tiffany “T” bracelets, or Hermès Kelly bracelets. People also spend hundreds on bag charms. So, it wouldn’t be very surprising to see people spending that amount or close to that amount of money on something that’s probably a lot more useful.

Apple, however, shouldn’t partner with just any brand. It should partner with the major three handbag and accessory makers. The company has actually already partnered with one.

Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel are the major three handbag and accessory makers. Handbags from these brands are the most sought after in the world. Hermès has the Birkin, the most expensive handbag line in the world, Louis Vuitton has the famous monogram, and Chanel has the signature quilted leather.

All three of these brands have iconic bags and designs with a rich brand history and heritage. Items from these brands hold their value more than any other brand and value is what the Apple Watch needs right now.

partnering with these brands would give the Apple Watch a lot more value. Partnering with Hermès has already done that, but if Apple released and Apple Watch Louis Vuitton or Apple Watch Chanel the device would get a lot more credibility in fashion and more people would buy it.

Another thing Apple should do is at least sell third party watch bands from other fashion brands online and in stores.

Coach recently released some Apple Watch bands and while they were made in limited quantities, some bands sold out immediately. Also, Coach made these separately without Apple but a lot of “made for iPhone” products are sold at Apple stores and Apple could do the same thing for the watch.

Regardless of what Apple does, the company needs to get more credibility in fashion and give the Apple Watch more value. The only way it can do that, though, is to partner with more brands or sell third party bands by fashion brands in their stores.

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