Why The Apple Watch Isn’t that Popular in Fashion

If you didn’t know by now, I love the Apple Watch. I love the design, the various models, and the many bands. The Apple Watch is a beautiful accessory that can look good on almost any outfit if you style it correctly. The only problem is that I seem to be the only one who thinks so, but why is that? Why haven’t I seen anyone recognize the potential that this watch has to take off in the fashion industry?


The Apple Watch was quite limited when it came to it’s bands and the color of the watch itself. You could only get Silver or Black in both Sport and regular models, and Gold or Rose Gold if you were willing to pay over $10,000. The watch has a lot more options now with Gold an Rose Gold versions now available in the Sport model and a bunch of new colors for the sport bands. Apple even worked with Hermès on an Apple Watch that comes with hand stitched leather bands. The Apple Watch is getting into the fashion industry but still so many people are unwilling to buy it.

The usual argument is “why would I pay that much money for a watch that’s going to be outdated in a year or two?” or some variation of that question. You would pay that much for the same reason that you pay thousands of dollars for seasonal clothing and accessories. Not to mention, the Gold and Rose Gold versions are basically the starting price of an Hermès Birkin, though, the outdated soon argument applies here as Birkins hold their value for a long time and electronics do not.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Hermès starts at $1,100 which isn’t too bad for anything that comes from Hermès. The Stainless Steel Apple Watch itself is $500 so that means that the Hermès watch band is $600 or more depending on the model you buy. That’s not a huge price tag compared to other Hermès products like their silk scarves. People also tend to drop more money than that on small accessories that they get much less use out of than they would an Apple Watch. Your paying for the functionality and design of the Apple Watch and the luxury of Hermès.

Regardless, It’s not taking off right now because people are still treating the Apple Watch like it’s only gadget. No one is treating it like a part of their outfit. In every video you see of anyone wearing an Apple Watch, it’s badly styled because they aren’t taking fashion into account. Those who are, are still learning how to style it. The new sport bands should help with that though.

The Apple Watch has been in runway shows, various photo shoots and even has its own spread in the Spetember issue of Vogue but despite all that, the question still remains the same. Why isn’t the Apple Watch that popular in fashion? It hasn’t gotten popular in fashion yet because it’s a niche accessory. Everyone has a phone and everyone needs a phone but not everyone wears watches and phones took the need for a watch away. We have to wait until the technology of the watch improves and gains more popularity among the general public and then we will see it styled well among those versed in fashion and even then it will still be a small boom because not everyone wears watches.

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