Why It’s So Difficult to Take Fashion Bloggers Seriously

Let’s get this out of the way before I begin. I am a fashion blogger and if I was doing any of the things I’m about to talk about, this post would apply to me too. So, what am I going to talk about? I’m going to talk about the things I see other fashion bloggers doing that I don’t like. Things like not writing, using bad grammar when they do write, and only posting sponsored posts. So let’s get started with the first thing I don’t like about fashion bloggers.


Fashion bloggers these days don’t actually blog, they just post pictures. These pictures look great because they are taken with professional cameras and are usually photoshopped. The only problem is that there isn’t anything else that comes with it. It’s just photo after photo after photo and most of them only look slightly different from each other with a change of pose being the only difference. That’s all that most fashion bloggers do. They don’t write anything. Take the blog Fashion Toast for example. Nice looking pictures, not much writing to go with them.

Seriously, fashion bloggers need to take the time out to write something. Tell us how you got that outfit and why do you like it so much. Write about what the perfect accessory for it is and why. Write at least a couple of paragraphs to give your readers something fun or informative to go along with your photos. When there’s no writing, it’s boring and a pretty picture will only get you so far. You might as well just run an Instagram account.

Also, get your grammar and punctuation together. No one is a perfect writer and everyone makes mistakes with writing, but that’s what editing and revising are for. It’s obvious when you didn’t take the time out to edit your own post and it’s rude to your readers.

Aside from the bloggers that only write one badly written paragraph, there are some fashion bloggers that do take the time out to write. Bloggers like Kristina Bazan of Kayture and Bryan Boy write multiple paragraphs with each post they make. They still have some issues with their writing, though. While grammar and punctuation are important, that’s not the issue I have with them.

The issue I have with Kayture is that It seems like there hasn’t been a personal post on there for a while. There has been nothing but sponsored posts lately. This also ties into bloggers not writing. Bloggers are getting paid to write about certain products so they are getting lazy. Now, being sponsored isn’t a bad thing but when you’re just a vehicle for brands to sell stuff and nothing personal is being posted on your blog, it’s bad.

Bryan Boy does post some content that isn’t sponsored but you’d never know because he doesn’t post, ever. This guy goes weeks without posting anything new. I understand how it might be difficult to post frequently during fashion week, but fashion week ended three weeks ago. I’m sure it’s not that difficult to update your blog more often afterwards. If you go to his Instagram, you can see he’s been to events. Why not blog about those events?

Another thing I don’t like is when bloggers don’t get creative with their photos. The use the same fashion blogger poses you see on every other blog. They are boring and just make you look like someone who wishes they were a model.

Those are the main things I don’t like about some fashion bloggers. I listed some here but there are many more that do these things. I wouldn’t care about most of them if fashion bloggers would just take the time out to write. There are some things about fashion bloggers that I do like, though, and you can read them here.

So, do any of these things that fashion bloggers do annoy you? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to click “Subscribe” on the menu to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and to find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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  1. Omg yes!! Sponsorships are needed to keep the blog running but my goodness please attempt to write something about what you’re wearing. Pink Peonies is the worst for this! She’s beautiful and I love her style but when you do a post strictly about how you styled a Coca Cola themed party and don’t say much about it, then I know you’re being sponsored and it makes no sense.

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