Why is the Hermès Website so Ugly?

I love Hermès. The Spring/Summer 2016 show was amazing and their collaboration with Apple made me want to throw my money at them, but there is one thing I don’t like about Hermès. I don’t like their website. You’d think that a company that such a luxurious company that makes the most expensive handbags you can buy would have a nice looking website, but no. Hermès does not seem to know how to design a website.


The Hermès website is just too bright. Many websites have white backgrounds but they also have dark-colored text, headlines, buttons, and so on. Hermès does not. Hermès has a white background with lightly colored, small text. It’s just not a good mix. Hermès should find a better way to incorporate its brand color and show that it is a luxury brand.

Speaking of showing that it’s a luxury brand, Hermès should get rid of that ugly typeface that it’s using for its menu. When I first went to Hermès’ website, I was baffled. I thought that the website of one of the most luxurious brands in the world would look better than that and that Hermès would at least know what typeface to use. Instead, Hermès wants to use some typeface that makes it’s website look like that of a local boutique that just started and thinks that “quirky” typeface will make them look fun when it actually makes them look cheap.

Another terrible thing about the website is that navigating it is too complicated. This is where Hermès stopped thinking about how it’s customers would use its website and started thinking only about how they wanted it to look. The website isn’t so complicated that you can’t figure it out, but in 2015 there should be much less clicking to get to the product you want.

When I am looking for a handbag I have to click “Leather” on the menu at the top, go to the side menu and click “Bags and Luggage”, Click “Women”, and then go through the bag names on the side to see which one I like. That wouldn’t that annoying if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to double-click in order to get the products page pulled up. Hermès isn’t the only brand that makes things too complicated. Other brands to it too.

Louis Vuitton’s website is much too complicated as well. When you look for products it makes you click through a gallery to see everything. It’s ridiculous. Why can’t I just see all of the products in that category on one page? It would make things easier for me which would make me more likely to buy something. You would think that these companies would know that. Louis Vuitton still isn’t as bad as Hermès, though.

Hermès is often seen as the most luxurious brand in the world. I wonder why it is having such a hard time making its website match the luxury of its brand. The website should be smooth, sleek, easy on the eyes, and convey luxury. It shouldn’t be some complicated eyesore of a website that looks like it was made by a local boutique. Also, please get rid of that ugly typeface in the menu.

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