Why Does Vogue Think Bare Skin During Winter is In?

Authors at Vogue seem to be following a trend. First author Laina Statestein wrote an article titled “Can You Wear Open-Toe Shoes in Winter?” and now there’s “No Tights November: A Vogue Writer’s Case for Bare Legs” by Rachel Waldman. Excuse me but what on earth are these women thinking? There is no reason to be baring any skin during the winter, especially in the northeast, and I’ll tell you why.

You shouldn’t bare skin in the winter because it’s just too cold. Yep, that’s my reason but as trivial as it seems, it’s actually quite practical. Maybe you’re a person who enjoys the cold weather and has amazing moisturizers that can withstand winter temperatures, but I would never walk around like Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele in the photo below, taken from “Can You Wear Open-Toe Shoes in Winter”.

Photo by: Phil Oh
Photo by: Phil Oh

Laina Statestein writes “At the end of the day, the open-to-meets-cold-weather is often situational” after citing the Odiele’s and other women’s good looks as a good reason to be doing this. Sorry but good looks are not a good reason to bare your skin in “below-30-degree weather” or any other cold weather.


This just isn’t a good way to be taking care of your skin. Why would you, after putting as much effort as I assume most women do into taking care of their skin, go outside in the winter like this? You wouldn’t. That’s why designers make clothes that are specifically made for cold weather. Though, this isn’t that far from the way designers like Alexander Wang have decided that they don’t want their collections to follow the seasons. Just take a look at Wang’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.

As for Rachel Waldman, she isn’t being that ridiculous in “No Tights November” when she writes about how New Yorkers treat every nice day like it will be their last. That is true. New Yorkers hate winter because they have to deal with some of the worst weather of the season but they are also used to the cold weather.

Waldman does, however talk about layering your clothes in the winter if you are going to bare your legs but that’s still a bad idea. Regardless of how used to the weather New Yorkers are or not, you shouldn’t be baring your skin in the winter. It’s just not good for your skin.

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