Why Celebrities Won’t Be Banned from the Met Gala

Last year there was a rumor that Anna Wintour would ban celebrities from the Met Gala after they disobeyed the ban she put on selfies and social media at the event. There still hasn’t been any word on whether she will ban them or not, but she won’t and here’s why.


When Vogue was first published in 1892, it only had illustrations of women on its cover. The magazine then moved into featuring models on the cover in 1950 and in 1961 the first celebrity was featured on the cover. Since then there have been many celebrities on the cover but it wasn’t until after Anna Wintour became Editor in Chief of Vogue that celebrities became a main feature of the magazine.

Wintour saw the importance of having celebrities on the cover. It gave the magazine more readers and it brought more attention to fashion. Vogue also, as said by Anna Wintour herself in the documentary “The September Issue”, taught celebrities to wear clothing from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren. Fashion and celebrities go hand in hand these days thanks to Vogue.

Since that’s the case, I don’t think Anna will ban celebrities from the Met Gala this year. Celebrities bring attention to the event which makes more people want to go and more willing to pay over $2,000 per plate when they do get invited. It would be quite a boring event if there were no celebrities and it wouldn’t be as good without their endorsement. Sure there would be many fashion designers there but we already have fashion week.

Anna also won’t ban selfies or social media from the event as the theme of this year’s Met Ball is “fashion in an age of technology” and banning something in technology that has become a powerful platform for fashion would be ridiculous. I’m sure Anna knows that clothes from the runway are shared on social media during fashion week and it brings attention to brands and models and even important issues in the industry.

Fashion is about moving forward, as Anna said herself, so placing a ban on either of those things would be ridiculous and it would just hold the industry back. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna did that as she and the magazine seem to be falling behind culture and endorsing brands and practices that hold the industry back.

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