Why Being Short Makes Shopping Ridiculously Difficult

Shopping while short seems like a crime these days. Stores never seem to have anything that fits me; especially when I’m looking for a specific item. I walk in and browse around and they seem to carry only large and medium sizes. There are many other problems with being small and shopping, but let’s continue with one of the most annoying issues.


Small sizes are always sold out. It seems like every store I walk into everywhere has sold out of all small sizes in everything they have except the ugly stuff. Even if I ask a sales associate to call another store, they are usually sold out too. I always have to search multiple stores before I find anything.

When I finally find something, I always have to put it on regardless of what it is because small doesn’t always mean small. I know most people do this while shopping, but I have to do it with everything. I also hardly ever buy anything online for the same reason. I’m short but I’m also skinny which means that cute shirt I want might not be as cute when I try it on because it could be too wide and baggy. I want clothes that are well-fitting and look nice. The same applies for shoes as well.

Most stores only sell shoes from size 8 and up and when a store actually sales size 7 shoes, they are nowhere to be found. Why do stores think everyone has giant feet? My husband has it worse than me because he’s a size 5 and NO ONE sells size 5 in men’s. He mostly has to go shopping for shoes in the kids section or just wait, but you’d be surprised how many times that’s actually worked out.

Also, a lot of stores are finally catching on but I still think this needs to be said. A 30 inch waist is not small. That is a medium size. So why is 30 the smallest size you carry in men’s jeans? I have about a 28 inch waist so size 30 will just fall unless I want to have that crumpled up look when I put on a belt and have the bottom of my jeans get ruined after 10 minutes of wearing them.

Those are the main problems with shopping and being short but there are many others. I wonder why no one has ever made a store equivalent to big and tall stores for short people. I’d rather not have to shop only at stores like American Eagle and Aeropostale all the time and I’d like a nice shirt and jeans that actually fit.

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