Why An H&M Blazer Will Be My Next Purchase

A couple of days before Christmas, my husband and I went to H&M. There, we saw a cute casual sweater and an amazing black blazer. It looked so good with it’s perfectly sized sleeves and a very slim fit. My husband got me the sweater for Christmas and I love it but now I really want to get that H&M blazer.


It would be great if I could get that specific blazer, but I don’t think it will still be there as clothes that actually fit me sell out quickly. I’m just going to have to look for a nice blazer but I’m sure that H&M will be the store I find it at because the blazer I tried on was a size 34 and I don’t think I’ll find one that size as most stores don’t carry sizes that small.

Also, now at I’ve tried that blazer on, I’m going to buy more colors than just black. This will be perfect because I love to dress up. Sweaters are a great way of doing that if you pair it with some good formal shoes, but a blazer is a nice way to that if not a better way. They also give me a reason to buy some leather gloves, which I have been wanting for a while.

Another thing I can get is a black scarf. All of my sweaters are too darkly colored for a black scarf and require lightly colored scarves. Take this picture I posted on Instagram for example. I have on a black sweater and light grey scarf. Those things two go well together. That same scarf will go well with a black blazer but if I got a grey blazer I’d be better of getting a black or dark brown scarf.

A new H&M blazer can also help me make a new look out of clothes I’ve had for a while. I can wear a pair of jeans I’ve had for months and it will look amazing because everyone will be noticing my blazer instead. Especially if I use my scarf or go get a new one.

That, and many other things, is why a blazer will be my next purchase. It will allow me to dress up more often, make new purchases that help my aesthetic, and give old clothing a new look. Now, the only thing I need to do is find a blazer that fits well.

So, do you like blazers or do you think a sweater with some dress shoes looks better? Let me know in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to get new posts sent directly to your inbox and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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