Where’s My Vogue September Issue?

I recently subscribed to Vogue and was informed that I would be getting the issue for August, because that’s the month that I ordered it, and that it would include the September issue. I waited about 4 weeks and the August issue finally came but the September issue still hadn’t arrived. The October issue came in the mail around the 26th of September and I began to wonder if I was even going to get it the September issue.


At this point I thought I should contact Vogue and see what was going on. I went to vogue.com and reported a missing issue but instead of getting the issue sent to me again, I got an extra month on my subscription because Vogue is no longer producing copies of the September Issue.

The next day, to my surprise, the September Issue had arrived. I was happy when I saw it, but then I got a closer look. My mail man decided to that it was a good idea to shove the magazine into my mailbox and almost rip the back page off. The front pages and were also damaged whereas the August and October issues had been delivered perfectly in tact. I’m sure that the large size of the magazine is probably why that happened but it would’ve been nice if the mail man was more careful.

Regardless, I got the magazine and an extra month of Vogue. Plus, Vogue sent me some cute coasters while I was waiting for my first issue to arrive.

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