When Will Hermès Release New Apple Watch Bands?

Hermès hasn’t released any new bands for the Apple Watch Hermès in a while. The brand released new bands earlier this year in March but didn’t release any at Apple’s WWDC event in June, which it usually does. Apple’s annual iPhone event is next month and the brand may release new bands then.

The French luxury brand usually releases about 3 new bands and updates the colors of some old ones every season and after Apple’s WWDC event in June and iPhone event in September. The brand didn’t do that after WWDC, though. The brand released new bands in March for Spring but didn’t release any for Summer.

Apple also only released 3 new sport bands where the brand usually releases a lot as well as new colors for the leather bands, nylon bands, and sometimes Nike bands.

If new bands aren’t released, new colors or new leathers are released but the brand didn’t even do that. As I said, it isn’t very popular. It’s expensive and many fashion people don’t wear an Apple Watch. Although, it’s probably not expensive for most people who buy products from the brand but most fashion people don’t even consider the Apple Watch a fashionable product. People also usually only wear the Apple Watch Sport instead of the stainless steel Apple Watch because it’s cheaper.


Also, there are cheaper designer bands you can get for the Apple Watch like the Coach Apple Watch bands, which the brand releases every season. The brand just released new bands last week, which was its third release for the summer. You can also get Louis Vuitton and Gucci bands made from other products from the brands on websites like eBay for much cheaper.

The brand will probably release new bands for Apple’s iPhone event in September but it might not release new bands for winter, which it also usually does. The brand usually released about 3 new bands or at least updates the colors of some of the old bands and releases new leathers.

As for if it will release new bands for Apple’s iPhone event in September, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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