What You Should Wear When Visiting Mexico

Many people vacation to Mexico in the summer but they tend to pack and wear summer clothes better worn in the US. That’s fine. It’s hot so you may want to bring some shorts or some flip flops but you’ll very obviously look like a tourist. Mexican people don’t usually wear things like this and dressing like the locals is much better than wearing your coolest or trendiest outfit.

People always pack shorts and flip flops when they go to Mexico. They also tend to only go to beach towns. Shorts and flip flops may be good to wear on the beach and would be expected, but you shouldn’t wear them if your just out.

Mexican people usually don’t wear shorts. Even if it’s hot. People usually only wear shorts if they’re at the beach or pool or if they’re exercising. Shorts aren’t usually worn casually. They also don’t wear flip flops unless they’re at the beach or pool either. People usually wear things what they’re for rather than for style.

Instead, you should wear a nice pair of pants and some casual shoes. Sneakers are okay but something like slip on shoes or casual leather shoes are better. Especially in Mexico City. There are restaurants and clubs that won’t let you in if you’re wearing sneakers and some won’t let you in if you’re wearing jeans.


Don’t wear jeans with holes in them. No one in Mexico wears jeans with holes in them. They might be cool in the US but they aren’t there. If you wear jeans with holes in the, people will either think you can’t afford a new pair of jeans or you’ll look like a tourist.

Don’t wear a loud, ostentatious handbag. Wearing things like a Louis Vuitton bag or other bags with large branding on them looks bad. Every time I get off the airplane at the airport in Mexico City I see someone carrying a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. Don’t carry a bag like that. It’s not just loud and ostentatious but it’s very obviously expensive which means someone might want to steal it.

You also shouldn’t wear a lot of jewelry or loud, flashy jewelry. Unless you’re a celebrity at a luxury hotel, only stay in luxury neighborhoods, only go to luxury shops and restaurants, and ride around in a car with a chauffeur you shouldn’t wear a lot of jewelry. Even then you shouldn’t.

Looking like a tourist isn’t bad for style but not looking like a tourist is better for you’re personal safety. It’s also more respectful to the locals where wearing things like loud, ostentatious handbags and flashy jewelry can be a little pretentious.

You should wear something casual or dressy casual. Don’t wear a suit or dress clothing unless what you’re doing calls for it like going to a business meeting, a date at a luxury restaurant, or something like that. People in Mexico mostly wear clothing for what it’s for and then style their outfits.

A nice pair pants, a dress shirt or polo, and some casual leather shoes would look nice if you’re doing things like shopping and going to restaurants. You could even wear jeans, a t shirt, and some sneakers if you’re sightseeing. In the winter many people wear dressy casual outfits with coats. Most of the clothing depends on what people are doing.

You can carry a handbag but you should carry something minimalistic. A simple black crossbody bag would be nice. You shouldn’t carry a large bag with a lot of stuff in it unless you actually need to carry a lot of things with you.

Regardless, you can still wear things that are your style but you should wear outfits depending on what you’re doing. Don’t wear shorts, flip flops, jeans with holes in them, loud and ostentatious handbags, or flashy jewelry.

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